Life Ruined After Nebido. What Now?

More than a majority of TRT users are on 200mg/week. There’s a lot of folks here on lower doses but many of them have issues on the higher dose. If it’s not for you I get it but sounds like life without it sucks pretty bad. I can’t imagine going back to how I felt previously.

Most people who are not hyperexcreters will eventually run into issues on 200mg.

For example, i run into issues on 500mg in 10 weeks. Maybe on 200 i would run into issues after a year or longer.

It seems to me that an average man is well served by 100mg per week of cyp or e. I definitely fit into that category.


I don’t think most people are hyperexcreters and the ones that have problems usually end up on TRT forums. I see you have low SHBG. Maybe a lower dose is better. I’ve come to notice a majority of the folks that preach 100mg have an SHBG around 20. Anyways, if you’re going to have issues it won’t be at the 1 year mark.

You must be talking about op as i havent posted my shbg.

Tbh i dont know the value of my shbg.

Yeah you’re right I was looking at the labs from the first post. My SHBG is 39.9. I started at 220mg once a week and blew up with water weight, high blood pressure, sleep issues etc so I tried an AI but had issues then dropped to 100mg. I tried every 20mg increment between 100-200mg with at least 8 weeks between each change. I could have lived on 120mg but I thrive at 180-200mg doing daily injections.

Nice post. Totally agree.

I think it’s the opposite. The ones mainly pushing low doses usually also have low SHBG. They can’t use more than around100mg if they wanted to.

Not really. It is not always about SHBG. 200 mg per week and you will run into problems eventually, just the way it goes.

After 10 years of doing this, you see it a lot.

No brother i am not. Tests were done in Istanbul. I guess both countries using the same ref. ranges.

Yes he surely had no idea and that is why i am self medicating since then. I gave up on doctors.

Why did you stop if you felt better with that protocol ? I myself felt much much better compared to pre-trt with 50mgx2 week protocol but my FT numbers wasn’t on upper range so i increased my dosage to 75mgx2 which is giving me poor sleep but i will be holding on to it for 6 weeks at least.

I stopped because i am 22 year old who did a steroid cycle (500mg test e) and cruised a bit afterwards to avoid going through a pct while on vacation. I am not on trt.
Pct totally failed, i didnt use hcg and therefore developed all these symptoms after i stopped injecting.
i was at the er multiple times because of shortness of breath and palpitations and last time they sent me to the psychiatrist because every time all labs came up perfect.

Since i have injected again i feel fine and all symptoms are subsiding.

I managed to buy hcg at the local pharmacy and will attempt another pct, but this time with hcg prior to clomid.

Btw boron is supposedly good at freeing up T. Proviron also, but i wouldnt run proviron for extended periods of time.

If that’s the case then you might want to find another career. If everyone on 200mg (most everyone on TRT) is going to get cancer or some other crazy issues after 10 yrs then you can bet your ass TRT will be done. They’ll make that shit illegal. I hope you’re wrong for your own sake.

No one said anything about cancer.

Listen I am done arguing these types of things with a bunch newbs, so believe whatever you want ok. Seriously I even posted lab work on these people, but yet you, some newb knows better.

I don’t need to find another career because we get all the people that screw themselves up listening to a bunch of newbs like you on a board, so we have plenty of clients to work with, that we show how to properly manage a long term TRT regimen. And per our reviews, I don’t think you will find another company that has been as successful long term as we have been. We have seen so many come and go.

But thanks for your concern.

There’s a certain name for folks that constantly refer to themselves as we

Was that supposed to be some sort of pun? LOL good one bro.

Pun = make a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word

I was just referring to you as a douche bag.

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Guys, no need for pity quarrels. I dont wanna be a judge here, but I like both of you :slight_smile:

@increasemyt I remember you had a long discussion with bossa about it, but do you think there is a certain number/treshhold where TRT gets dangerous?

From what I’ve read and a few persons I know personally I’ve come to the conclusions that some people need more T in the blood to get their symptoms resolved, and some people need more t to get their blood levels to an average number.

So can you form more precisely your opinion of that? As a guy about to start I’m highly interested. Since my natural testosterone is 500-600 I assume I will need at least 900-1000 to get full symptoms resolution, and from what I’ve read in the forum that seems like at least 150mg per week. Of course these are all assumptions…

I don’t want to get into a long debate about this again. Remember our conversation was about long term. We are talking 5 years. It goes by a lot faster than you think.

People can have really high T levels for shorter periods of time and it is not a problem. I actually think 200mg is the perfect starting dosage. But you shouldn’t keep your levels as high as 200mg is going to put you after consistently taking that much for a full year. Your levels would be that of someone on a steroid cycle taking 600mg per week for 12 weeks.

Aside from long term testosterone is relatively safe and does not have any serious side effects, it is easy to recover from as well as you have heard posters here report they come off testosterone and their HPTA kicked back in. The longer you’re on that changes though, so you wind up in this position where you definitely need testosterone, but a big dosage increase, or consistently higher free T levels, messes up your lab work a lot faster than it did when you were younger.

As I noted before, people recover by stopping, rather quickly, and everything can normalize. But now you are more sensitive to effects from prolonged high free T, this can even make you feel like crap. You can see this is true by the thread thats going on right now where everyone says they lowered their dosage and felt better.

I get this logic.In your mind what are some numbers for total and free t that can be safe long term? Forgive me but If I dont get guided by symptoms I always tend to think In numbers, Im a programmer :slight_smile: