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Life on Earth in the Year 3017

What do you guys think life on earth will be like 1000 years from now? The year is 3017.

I think 1000 years from now life will obviously be much different. I think at this point we have mastered fusion type energy and have mastered traveling in space. We’ve survived a big worldwide epidemic and now there is only a few countries that everyone is a part of. No more biological diseases and there are healing chambers. I think humans have figured out gravity and how it works. “Meta-humans” have started to develop and there are people with powers. Humans are living on other planets as well. There is a mix of machines and humans without a doubt.

Heard a podcast this morning and made me think that’s why I’m posting.

Seamless reality to “online”. That or Nuclear fallout with small pockets of the survivors kin.

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We’ll have much cooler outfits.



Lol, you think humankind will last 1,000 more years. That’s cute.


Thank god! My wife’s been telling me to switch my style from flannels and khakis to something more modern for years. Might have to bring the future to the present!

My HOPE is that it will. A man has to believe!

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Lol, fine… Assuming we don’t kill each other in nuclear fire, I think we will have expanded to other planets and possibly beyond.

I don’t think the X-men are gonna exist…

New religions will arise from the prophets of our time, and the High Priest of Funk will baptize all of the star children with consecrated grooves.

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I want a solar sail boat that can be directed with a lazer pointer.

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Do you really believe the whole nuclear fire thing will happen? Haha

No, but I’m not convinced it won’t.

I think we’re long past the time when there could have been some sort of nuclear apocalypse.

Overpopulation and terrorism is going to be what fucks us.

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Nah, terrorism is overrated. Those goat fuckers aren’t causing global extermination. Overpopulation is certainly an interesting topic, but I think we’re a long ways off from that.

I donno, man. India and China are about to duke it out (both nuclear). North Korea is pushing everyone’s buttons. China’s making land in disputed waters (for a while now). Russia and the US are not exactly best buds. Who the hell knows what Pakistan is up to.

I’m not exactly optimistic about the situation.

Fucking Skynet will probably take us all down first, though.


the more things change, the more they stay the same.

that is something I can definitely agree with you on!

Or aliens. Sneaky fuckers.


Pfff, we’ve still got Will Smith.

A million possibilities - hell, there’s an entire section in book stores dedicated to it.

Could be dystopian, could be utopian…

Overpopulation would correct itself eventually.

I think the most likely outcome is a technological singularity (nothing new or creative here - yeah Skynet). But I think that’s most logical. We will eventually create an artificial intelligence that considers us obsolete and deems us more of a risk than a benefit unless we can figure out a way to remain a benefit.

That being said, I think technology is the only thing that will defend us against the most realistic threats to our existence - an alien threat (which as some point seems inevitable) or global climate change (not man made, just climate change in general). I don’t know that these are 1,000 years or less away, but they seem like they will become a reality at some point.

I think humans will be here but, less of them and not as advanced. Some type of natural cataclysm will have set humans back.

I think there may be less people as well, but they will be significantly more advanced technologically, mentally, and potentially even physically. I would guess integrations between humans and AI will exist and we will be physically enhanced.

Aliens or significant climate change prior to us developing the means to counter… all bets off.

Maybe…maybe not…