Life of a Teenager

Definitely running shoes by the looks? I wouldnt recommend wearing running shoes. Not trying to be a hater on dem shoes btw.

I think so- ran x-country one year in school
I’ll try slippers today I guess

Edit: It’s raining and snowing at the same time right now
Notes: My neck is tender from doing those half good mornings reracking the squats

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Notes: All this was done in dress shoes (elevated heel, solid sole - i think)
5x3 squats @ 135 lbs
5x3 press @ 75 lbs (got lazy and just added collars (are ~5 lbs each) to clean each rep)
5x3 hang cleans @ 80 lbs (catch position is abysmal, idk why)
Ring dips *0 (first time trying these, hard AF, just did did shaky holds at the top)

Notes pt 1- put the bar lower for hang cleans, made the catch at least resemble one
Notes pt 2- lower weight for press
Notes pt 3- ring dips hard AF
Notes part 4- sneakers and dress shoes don’t feel that different to squat in (dress shoes felt a little more sturdy but no big diff)
Notes 5- post w/o meal: bowl of vanilla greek yogurt + chia seeds + 2 handfuls of unsalted nuts+ honey

Lift in dress pants, shirt, jacket… the works.

“Go to the gym to look good and look good to go to the gym” Dom Mazetti The Brofessor

Stay Classy

lol- was going to lift in slippers but couldn’t find any
Edit: any tips for ring dips? (yes I can do ~7 normal ones, come to think of it that might be the problem)
Edit pt 2- wouldn’t squatting in a dress shirt be a dumb idea?

Be careful on your rom on ring dips, you don’t want to fuck your shoulders. Because your bodyweight is putting force on the humerus and AC joint together. Additionally even the slight lateral movement force can cause many serious injuries like dem torn or damaged rotator cuffs lol. Be careful. However you are kinda light so it could be safer for you then someone weighing 200 ibs. Probably just stick to normal dips.

No dip bar, good to know though
Edit: I might try 10x10 front squats and RDLs for legs on thanksgiving- (to anyone) yay or nay?

In for this log, I am 15 years old. For a 13 year old you are pretty strong, and its good that you are starting at the age you are.

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no dip bar (the problems with being broke) + why not

I’m gonna second Duke on the ring dips. You can fuck over your shoulder joints pretty easily. What are your goals? Strength, Physique, General Fitness?

Primary goal strength- something like 300 dead, 200 squat, BW press for reps, as a first milestone
Secondary goal physique (Secondary because Idk how much muscle you can put on @ 13)

What equipment do you have access to?

285 lbs of plates (yes I am trying to fix this)
An adjustable bench (flat, low incline, incline)
DB handles
Olympic bar

That’s not bad man, sounds like my old garage set-up. My bit of advice is focus on a lot of volume. Volume is very important for gaining strength in my opinion. Do lots of Rows, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Bench, Strict overhead press & Push-press for your upper body. Lower body focus on Back Squats and front Squats. Do a solid amount of volume on both of those squats.I’d try to total 25+ Reps per session. Deadlift is where you should go heavy- Sets of triples, double & Singles. When I just started training I did something along those lines. Squat Twice a week, Deadlift Heavy & Eat a shit ton of clean food (Emphasis on clean) and don’t neglect your conditioning. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me.

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Also forgot to add, don’t neglect your hamstrings. Do a lot of short intense sprints and Romanian deadlift Variations.

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ok thanks. I am (just started) running SS right now, and condition hard 2x/week (usually includes resisted sprinting of some form). I might (eventually) get into strongman, looks fun

just checked out your squat video. that was really solid. You will definitely need a rack at some point, lol. But it looks like you brace well in your squat, your back angle is good… next time you video, wear shorts if you can, so we can see if you have lateral knee movement.

Anyway, good work dude!

17 min on an exercise bike- 2:1 ratio of more work (lv 25) : less work (lv 10)
quads are the most pumped they’ve (ever?) been
Notes- 130 calories burned, this is mandated by PE (not the work rest ratio, the using of the bikes)

Cool. I’ll take some video from the front today