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Life is Good


New job

New home

New girl

Physique's the best it's ever been

Joined a new band and we totally fucking rock

Anyone else got anything they're happy about?


What instrument and sort of music do you play? I play drums been playing since I was 13 mainly death metal and hardcore but I enjoy playing anything fast


Quite a few things mate, I'm a singer and guitarist first and foremost though. I'm just singing in this band though, no guitar. We're just a rock covers band playing gigs in pubs for a bit of extra money. It's pub jukebox stuff: AC/DC, Bad Company, shit like that. We're too old to care about breaking into the music industry


Good deal Yogi! I'm in a similar phase, took a low stress job, life and marrige greatly improved, and I PR'd literally every strongman event I did in the gym Saturday. My biggest problem is finding a new barber I like, and whether to regrow my power beard.


nice work brother! Life PRs and gym PRs all coming at once.

Although the fact you shaved your power beard off in the first place makes me a little suspicious of you...


It hurt, but interviewing for jobs as a mere mortal was easier than as a gray bearded viking power god. Not to many village pillager positions on the white collar job market.

Interviewer: whats your biggest weakness?
Me: not enough tacky on the 225lb stone, but I'm working on my grip.
Interviewer: five year plan?
Me: to have my feats of strength imortalized in Norse sagas.


Had two really good interviews this past week...waiting for at least one call back for a second interview (maybe two?)

Finally benched 315 a few weeks ago

Finally have a cushion in my bank account

Recording some new music recently

I got my iPhone5 replaced since I bought the AppleCare 2 years ago when I got the phone so I'm set with a "new" phone for a while and the $100 investment in AppleCare paid off

Going to get a compound miter saw today lol


life is pretty good for me too. I'm very respected at work which is very important in the environment I work in (prison). Have a nice house, great wife, two beautiful smart little girls, and my dogs. Only thing I really want is a nice truck. And my beard back.


Saved 15% on my car insurance with Geico.


The last couple years my health and training has been better than any time in the last decade. My strength levels for most lifts are approaching what they were in my mid 30's and I suspect my speed and explosiveness is back too.

I'm actually going to a track today to find out if I'm a delusional old man about that speed & explosiveness. I'm going to time myself in a 55m. In 2006 I ran a 55 in 7.7 which is very slow. I could have run that backwards in my prime. If I can run it in under 7.5 I'll consider it ok. Under 7.4 and I will be very pleased. If the grass on the infield is nice enough, I might also try a 40y.



living with my mom

no girlfriend or prospect of getting laid anywhere in the near future

pulled my gracilis muscle last week

dont play music, video games, drink, burned out on porn, and pretty much the only thing i look forward to watching on tv is football and Archer reruns

never been happier in my entire life, not a joke.


I have a fairly new job

My debt should be paid off in the next 6 months

I'm hopefully buying my first home sometime next year.


I'm a god damn trailblazer, son.


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I think life is good based on this effort but dang I can't get a reliable time off this video.

After timing it repeatedly I'm coming up with 6.9. Add .15 for no reaction time to a starting gun, plus .2 for the reaction time of me starting the stopwatch off of my first movement. My son is so shaky with the camera that two tenths might be widely optimistic. Then add another .2 for the vagueness of the finish. My son didn't get the finish cone in the picture. I actually think .2 is more than what I need to add though. When I watch it in slomo I can see the goal line in the back ground which I know is about 6 inches before MY finish line. It appears the last time my left hand comes up under my chin is about the moment I hit that line. Based on that que I think I'm timing the finish pretty accurately.

Anyway, add it all up and it comes to 7.45 which I can't complain about. Especially since today was the first day I've stepped on a track since 2008.

Edit: Hmm a video should have come with this post. Oh well, your loss.


lol your pic made that funnier.

Just got a new house,

New sports car.

great wife.

Work promotion.

Hit the 18" arm club this week.


Severe back pain; oxycodone; alcohol; nihilism; aggression; abstract philosophy; estrangement from friends; insomnia. Yep. Things are looking good.


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True that. Fortunately I don't ever suffer from depression really. Never have. Haven't been out with a woman for about a year though. Should probably start getting back into the swing of things.


I'm the same. Even though I don't really like avenged 7 fold, I always though the revs stuff was fun to play. I always loved playing slayer too. And one of the main reasons I love technical death metal just the ridiculous drum parts(and guitar and bass as well for that matter), I guess the whole other level of skill in any of the instruments haha.

I'm am very happy, because I just started nursing school this past week!