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Life Is Better...


Training in these shoes. I've never had a better pair to lift in.

Now you go.





uh… i think the \ is supposed to be a / . Therefore you have not ended shit.

Carry on with what I am sure is going to be a great thread…


[quote]coolnatedawg wrote:
uh… i think the \ is supposed to be a / . Therefore you have not ended shit.

Carry on with what I am sure is going to be a great thread…[/quote]

I failed at ending a thread! Damn.

Just goes to show; I’m a starter not a finisher.


with her --^


Live is better when the country isn’t in a depression.


With a dog :slight_smile:


Life is better now that I have a coffee maker on my desk!

=) yes… I have a problem


Life is better when you appreciate it.


Hey Brad, what are those shoes?


I have a lot of answers for that.

here goes:

  1. When you do your best
  2. When you stick to your guns morally
  3. When you choose to do the right thing very often.
  4. When you realize how lucky you are to be alive in the first place. Love of life is achieveable no matter who you are. Trust me on this one. Except for my wife and my training my life blows ass in every way. But man I love my wife and my training.
  5. When you work toward your goals. Sometimes the journey is the destination.
  6. When you achieve your goals.
  7. When you seek out excellence and virtue in what ever way you define it.
  8. When you question yourself, and choose to grow personally.
  9. When you try to have objectivity.
  10. When you set your ego aside and just be. Savor pure existence.
  11. When you realize your going to die someday, because this tells you exactly why you need to do something good with yourself or at least enjoy the ride.
  12. When you find true love instead of the shallow codependant version you see all around you.
  13. When someone you know learns to appreciate your character.
  14. When you can feel your feelings but not let them bully or persuade you.
    15.When you find an awesome web site that tells you everything you need to know to change your life (like this one)
  15. When some good luck comes your way. It does for everyone sometime.

there’s a lot more, but I am bored with this now LOL


[quote]sluicy wrote:
Hey Brad, what are those shoes? [/quote]

They’re Adidas Classics, or par of their throwback line.

Here’s what the website said:

“First introduced in 1978 with carpet floors in mind, this indoor tennis shoe has been re-released as a canvas casual classic.”

They’re great lifting shoes. Nothing to them, breathe like a chuck taylor, but my heel sits better in them than chucks for whatever reason. Been using them since January and I love them.

Cool answers so far, meant for this thread to be a shout out to whatever you appreciate, big or small, don’t matter.


life is better with live

am i rite?



i just got those

i dont use them for lifting but they would be great for it because the sole has extra support or something, feels good man.


When you workout blazed. Honestly, It’s pretty great.

Oh and of course, when you have love and relationships and stuff.


Life is better when you surf! :slight_smile: