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Life is a Competition

I was wondering how competitive this T-crowd is. What sport or sports do you, or have you, competed in? It doesn’t matter if its bodybuilding related or not. Its always good to have a goal, from chess to extreme sports. I have competed in 10k’s, State level bodybuilding, Local benchpress contests, and Dog obedience LOL! I plan to compete in USA Powerlifting next year.

In the past I wrestled, played football and baseball. Currently I like to play basketball and also compete in jiu-jitsu. I mountain bike for fun.

I competed in Olympic lifting for a short time (Aug 97 - May 98) as a 59kg lifter. I also decided to enter the Sunshine State Games last July in the 62kg class. I didn’t do too bad considering I hadn’t done any Olympic lifting in more than a year. Maybe I’ll get back into it sometime in the future. Otherwise, I do stuff for fun: Mountain biking, in-line skating, weight lifting, etc.

BMX racing … I was state champion in 1999. I also like jiu-jitsu, but don’t compete in sanctioned events … but every roll is a competition of sorts.

Past competetive pursuits: High school was basketball and track (middle distance and long sprints), then gave up basketball for cross country, then in college got into triathlon, and after a few years settled down to bike racing. My max weight during all those years was 153. I gave up the competetive cycling a couple years ago, started training HIT style, and my weight is now at 202, mostly muscle gain. My training has changed a little over the last two years, but I still run and cycle a few times a week.

I play rugby, both on a local team and on a travel team (most recently to Dendermonde, Belgium…where we came in second…again :-P) I also ride horses (I’ve been in a few shows, but nothing big) and bike a lot. I do the occasional team triathalon in the canoe. I ran cross country and track from Jr. High to college. Track - anything from the 200 to the 1500 but no hurdles. I haven’t run a race in a long long time though. I’d love to try Fitness competitions, but I’m not diciplined enough (but I’m working on that!!!)

I used to be a competitive rower, that’s how I got introduced to weight training. 3 yrs ago, when I was a junior, one of my crews beat up the local university in their event man were they pissed off.

A Girl, you nailed it on the head with your title, Life is a competition, for me at least, everything is a competition, almost to a fault, I can’t even lose on a video game without getting pissed, I just hate losing so much, as far as real world competition I wrestled and played football in high school, now I play rugby and lift, I don’t let lifting become a competition though, because with the strength of my partner I’d put money on myself in the deadpool. Academics is another one, there is no better way to get good grades. Right now, I’m feeling a competitiveness to write the best response even, I’m sick.

Im the most competetive I know. I hate losing. I have to win at everything. I was a highly decorated offensive lineman in high school. I was going to play in college but decided i wanted to do other things instead. Now I play a lot of softball cause i needed something to compete in again. Hitting bombs is about the only thing that does it for me. Recently i was talked into trying out for cheerleading at my college. I made the squad and can now do back flips and back handsprings. Doing stunts with the girls is very challenging. Its literally the hardest thing ive ever done. I get a lot of flack for it, cause its not the manliest thing to do, but im comfortable with myself enough to not care what people think. Plus i get to hang around the most in shape girls in the school.

In HS it was wrestling and baseball. I am now interested in powerlifting and strongman competitions, though haven’t competed yet. I have started shoot fighting also

I play football amd basketball for fun somtimes. Also i race Atv’s and dirt bike’s. For Atvs i race the open class with a banshee and cycles i race 250cc YZ.

Right now I’m just playing football but I used to run the 400 and 100 in track(indoor and outdoor). I gave up on track when I got serious about lifting though.

Good thread! When I was a kid, I did judo for a few years. Later it was chess. Now it’s business, where whoever makes the most profit wins. (Actually, I like to think that I’m helping to contribute to society as well…)

Combat sports for about 20 years and most recently boxing and grappling. Currently getting beaten senseless weekly in freestyle and greco roman wrestlting by some tough guys including shooto competitors and an olympic level wrestler. Real t stuff I reckon - I drive 40mins to a hardcore class by myself and cop a beating without audible complaint. Last week I was slow on the tap in a muck around with a shooto guy a and copped a neck crank that popped my neck loud enough to be heard metres away and I swear perforated my windpipe cause its still sore. I can leave at any stage during the 2 hour class but I havent yet.

I grew up playing ice hockey. I was also into competitive roller hockey for a brief period. I competed in the North American roller hockey championships in 95. I also played Lacrosse briefly as well. I really wish I had tried Rugby as I think I would have been able to tear shit up on a rugby field. But alas I am out of competitive sports altogether. Now it’s a competition against myself each and every day to see how I can better what I did yesterday.

Goldberg, keep it up, brother. Here’s a challenge for your competitiveness. Go to summer camp and make All-American AND win the Top Gun jump contest. I did BOTH my FIRST year of cheering - now go do the same!

this is how new i am to cheering. I have no idea what your talking about. We go to camp on July 27th. Im looking very forward to seeing all those girls at camp. Damn.

Right now I’m racing motocross on my 250 CR. I also play rugby and just started Muay Thai. I also have done a few powerlifting comps and hope to do more in the future.

Basketball, baseball and football way back in my school days. Softball and karate in my old age and of course weight training throughout.

I’m also quite competitive, but mostly with myself these days. In high school I played baseball and was a competitive swimmer, which is where I was introduced to the Iron Game (had to sneak back in after the swim coach left to lift, though, as he felt we’d become musclebound. Which also gives you an idea of how long ago I was in high school!). Over the years I’ve played a great deal of softball, but don’t any longer. Trained for triathlons in the '80s but was losing too much weight, though I enjoyed it, so dropped that. Will probably get back into endurance competition as a senior. Now I compete in mountain biking, which I’m certainly not built for, but I love it, strongman competitions (have one this Saturday in fact), and of course every day’s workouts, whether in the gym or flipping my big ass tire or riding, is a competition.