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Life insurance health screen

I have to get a life insurance health screen including blood work and urinalysis. I currently use T2, Tribex, ephedrine, tyrosine, and vinpocetine along with protein, creatine and the standard vitamins and minerals. Should I stop any or all of these prior to testing and if so, how long prior to screening should I stop. The test is in 8 days.

I will say it has been years since I was in the field but I would say stop anything that can effect hormone levels (what you and I consider “normal” is NOT what insurance companys consider nornal) also depending on the tests they now use, ephedrine MAY cause problems (its used to make recreational drugs and I do not know what tests they are useing now) hey, if you stop now you have one lousy week without it, big deal, better safe than sory. peace