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Life Imitating a Cartoon?



I'd have been arressted fuck that cunt



Kyles mom from south park


She remembered the crazy lady


Fat bitch probably causes more environmental damage from the amount of food needed to be produced to feed her ass.

Not to mention the Co2 she must be constantly exhaling with her bullshit talking.




Lol this is a site geared toward athletes. We all eat more food than we need...we eat more than the average chubber. But this is always ignored. Why?



Because we aren't running up to strangers in parking lots berating them and using profanity in front of their kids. And if she is going to attack them personally it is only fair that she be attacked personally.


You really think people on this ite don't run up to people in public and disrespect them like that?

That wasn't really the point I was getting at though. It has nothing to do with her. I'm curious, do you think your carbon foorprint or whatever the term may be is smaller than a fat person?


I know I don't.

As for my carbon footprint, I really don't care. But feel free to protest as you feel necessary.


Wasn't protesting. Just asking.


"I'm just asking you to be pleasant and courteous..."



Id hit it...


Her BJ must rock!

she must compensate for her apparent deficiencies.


Depends if you are doing Keto or not.


Was that you, OP, or a Youtube video you found?

Regardless, I would have started the truck and held it at about 6 grand to drown her out.

Silly, self righteous cooze.

You're a better man than me if that was you.


Wtf was wrong with here.. some people are just weird I guess haha


Quite often I read your posts and a Spanish saying pops in my mind. It's something like "Thinks the thief that everyone else is a thief".


No one gives a fuck lol


this is really simple... next time ask here where the lithium used to make the battery in her car came from..... answer: china / Russia, ask her if she is aware that the energy used to make said battery is the equivelent of driving an H2 for 6 years....