Life for a Shorty Shouldn't Be So Rough

I’m trying trying

Little man enjoyed the snow - he went Down the hill in a sled loved it.
Yes it kind of crippled the area people are. It ready for snow anymore

PG BRO - that is a good idea

I have am entail list of things I need to implement that is in the list
kettle queer stuffs - band work - sliding stuff in slippery socks single leg work and trap bar work

Training 6/26/16
posting from mobile so this should be good

First God bless whomever is telling people to use the lying ham curl machine to squeeze into ms do glute bridges in

Mobility banded leg work thoracic stuff
A bunch of banded face pulls

A1 seated oh press bar x 234466789
65x10 95 2x5 115x5 135x 5 bleh
A2 pull downs 5x10
B CSR 3pts 4/10
C1 HS row 5x10
C2 HS pull down 5x10
D deb clean and press 30 4x10
E meadows 8 way 4 x10 tiny weights

I need to do way more work on shoulder before pressing got ugly quick
I have poor shoulder mobility and it needs work
I can’t OH press or OH squat well anymore

HS machines suck balls if you have long arms
the handle on the row machine are on backwards
Where you grab is at maybe 8 o’clock facing down

I know that as of a few years ago Craig Liebenson and a bunch of the PT’s in Australia were huge on the bridge(think BJJ style and keep neck and shoulder blades on the ground not any of that onto the forehead sorcery you used to do) to “marching bridge”(just stick out one foot/do unilateral leg extensions), to swiss ball hamstring curl progression. That and unstable surface training were supposed to be the heat for rehab.

Ashamed to say I don’t know if it is still considered the current best practices/hotness.

I might have some of the old material/handouts saved on a hard drive somewhere if you are interested.

Did anything happen since I got your last e-mail? I saw a post by Idaho that has me worried there was a set back.


Robert A

EDTA: This was building off of punyguy’s post/video. Not trying to take credit for any new/valuable content.

Robert A-
thanks for stopping by.

I am meh… will send a more detailed email.

I still having Pain - missing allot of ROM
just getting hung up on the Can’ts vs cans.

PT I went to put Strength first and balance work a distant 3rd
we did some work on single leg balancing and wobble boards
and ham- ball bridge curls etc but only after
squats lunges step ups etc.

training past few days

pvc at home mobility stuffs thoracic - hips and banded junk

A1 TRX elevated row 5x12
A2 TRX elevated pushup 5x12
B1 lying ham curl
B2 front squat 95 135 185 205 all 2x5
C air hump 225 2x10 315 2x10
D speed skater squat 3x5 each
E single leg db dead 30’s 4/8 each

I am cutting back on loading- and most likely squat volume and frequency all together cause I need too.
single leg squats eevn at bw a struggle same for deads.


mobility stuffs allot of band work PVC at home

A1 TRX elevated row 5x12
A2 TRX elevated pushup 5x12
B1 machine pulldowns- 5x12-15
B2 wall Hand stand pushup- 5x 5-6
C db clean and press 30 x10 40 2x10

30 minutes eliptical

I am slowly admitting I shouldn’t train with a barbell too much
that kind of sucked to type.
I am going to come up with some stuff to do at the gym
that will keep me interested - and mostly pain free.

the TRX stuff felt good
eliptical while there was some effort its tricky

I feel so bad for you. I wish there was something I could say. I can’t imagine giving up the barbell:(

Eventually you will work through this and be able to focus on the “cans.”

thanks Ksnap

the cans are pretty big.

Nothing wrong with big cans!

Get healed up. Stay interested and get back at it.

Nice squats and tabata Kev. I had to look up bss. Bulgarian split squats. I hate those. Probably because I suck at them. Usually only takes 2-3 lines of stuff to get me feeling dead.

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E-mail was received and responded to.

In addition to “Can” vs “Cannot” I think including “should” and “should not” need to be done as well. This is both with regards to injury/ortho profile and, perhaps even more importantly limitations of training time and effort.

I am still quoting/forwarding your unified theory of combat training because it handles that so well. So there may be something to figuring out what you can do, that will also get you where you want to be. Training that is fun is good. Training that spurs a net improvement are also good. Getting both is best. If it isn’t fun and doesn’t net improvement than no matter how “safe” or “doable” it is to hell with it. Make sense?

I am literally drinking scotch and eating Swedish Fish while I post so this may be a bit off. I know, I know. Not bourbon. I am trying to be all classy and drinking/eating imported.


Robert A

Bro BLESS big cans

yes I just have to let go - and get smart

thanks DB.

thanks- I like them they need work


I have not figured out the quote features here yet.
and I will send a proper reply to that email - thank you.

should and shouldnt’ are probably better words to add to the lexicon.

scotch and swedish fish FTW.

that theory came up at work - there is a woman I work with who takes BJJ
and there are some very accomplished lifters on the same job.
lots of head scratching and nodding afterwords.

for those reading along at home- I have always preached for MMA BJJ wrestling etc
skill work
strength work
in that order- and bust your ass at all three til one impacts the other.

kind of simple- but really all the true tennants training should be.

to bad life is always more complicated.

scotch and swedish fish.
I am impressed.


a good easy and fun day.

bb complex day

6 row x 6 RDL X 1 clean & press x 6 squat x 6 reverse lunge each

70 2x 100 3x 120 3x

doesn’t look like allot but it was.
bar is 50lbs thus the goof ball numbers.
I would have liked to add cleans, and OH squats to this but im having issues in the shoulder region
thanks for looking

I have typed and cited that treaty so many times. Did it as recently as this thread:

The OP there seemed to like the paradigm as well.


Robert A

2/1/16 some training

Pvc at home
234,456,789,432 band retractions

TRX elevated row 5x10
TRX elevated push-up 5x10

Trap bar dead
1 plate x5 2p x5 3p 3x5 4p x5

BB complex
75 4 x8
zercher squat x zercher lunge each side x
Curl to press x BO row xRDL

Tried to use the rowing machine knee wasn’t into it.
These complexes look easy but are taxing

I thought I replied to this earlier…
thanks for finding sense in my little ramblings.

Yesterday there was a MIRACLE at the gym


they moved the scale in the locker room that has been literally 6 inches away from a urinal a few feet next to a sink.

now I was thrilled I would’t have to put my hand on where Bro’s
unwashed hands have spread their cock DNA

today they moved it back.
next they wont let women wear tights

where is the Humanity?

2.2.16 some training

pvc at home banded shit at the gym
like allot of it.

TRX elevated push up x row 5x10 each

A dead lift 135x8 225 2x5 315 x5 405 2x2 ham cant do more.
B dimmel dead 215 2x15 135 2x20
C CSR - 3pts 3x8 abandoned
D low pulley row 5x10
E medley of face pull x standing abs x pull thrus 3x20

25 minutes on elliptical

I should have done a set of dimels or some direct ham work before pulls
plastic ham doesnt really fire well - speed is missing entirely as that same fake leg - cant really be explosive.

CSR abandoned 4pts - somehow loading plates I hit my bro-bag
eliptical- meh trying to find ‘cardio’ that does’t blow up the fake leg