Life for a Shorty Shouldn't Be So Rough

[quote]OldGoat wrote:
Hope the hammie is nuthin’ ! workouts still look very productive…keep on keepin’ on ![/quote]

thanks OG all good
went to the dr. just a combo of pain from work rain and a bit of dehydration

training 12.30

lx ball foam banded work lunges lunges lunges

TKE mini step downs a shit ton of shit

activation bb complex
BO row x RDL x clean x front squat x3
65 95 135 155

A squat 135 x10 185x5 225x5 275x5 315 2x2
B snatch width dimel dead 135 2x20
C BSS 30’s 3x10

bb complex
row x rdl x clean +press x squat

95 4x8 bleh

spent alot of time on mobility
it all needs work

last session of the year

training 12/31

a shit ton of mobility stuff
dislocates band retraction face pulls etc
lx ball foam and stuffs

A1 pull down 5x10
A2 wall HSPU 5x5
B1 OH bb Press
65 95 105 115 135 145 all x5
pp 155 2x2 175 2x2
B2 CSR 2pts 8x10
C1 v grip low pulley row 4x10
C2 db clean and press 30’s 4x10
D1ez bro curl 35 4x20-25
D2 band tricep 4x25


OH press is feeling good
hspu - hand stand pushup- love these.
pumped and swole

Happy New Year

had a good holiday- but glad its over.

some training 1.4.15

mobility lots and lots
banded tke dislocates a ton of lunges etc

A trap bar dead 150 x10 240x 5 330 2x5 hh 420x5 bleh
B BSS 40’s 4x8 each
C1 seated calf- 3x12
C2 seated ham curl 3x12
C3 calf dorsiflex thing 3x12

trap bar - no gas
bar is 60 lbs used high handles on 4plates go figure.
Bss - getting better - still very unstable on shit knee
other stuf- calf work is trick- seated calf- is probably a no go
its loaded right at the patella tendon- which is still lame.

needs work
will catch up on you people soon

douche :slight_smile:

[quote]MattyXL wrote:
douche :)[/quote]

ahhh the ultimate alcolade.
when one bag of bro greets another.

yes !


some training
mobility lunges TKE w/bands dislocates a shit ton of scap work

TRX medley 4x12 of
Face pulls x row x push-up x fall outs

A pull downs - 5x10

B1 db row 80x12 100 3x10

B2 db OH press 1 arm 40x8 50 3x8

C oh press 65 x5 952x5 1252x5 145 2x5 bleh

D1 bw dip 4x15

D2 straight arm pulldown 4x12

E cable cross cover chest 4x12

row 500 m - hamstring said no

fel ok- pump and fluff
hamstring crapped out on rows
upper training now always feels like the rise of the machines

[quote]bagofbro wrote:

[quote]MattyXL wrote:
douche :)[/quote]

ahhh the ultimate alcolade.
when one bag of bro greets another.

yes ![/quote]

Kindred Spirit!!!

these douches here changed it up
and it fucked up every ones’ typing.


training 1/7/16

foam pvc at home etc.
a shit ton of mobility lunges dislocates banded junk

activation 4 rounds of12+ of
lying ham curls x good girl x bad girl

A semi sumo dead wut 315 10x3
B bb split squat lunge 95x6 115x6 135 3x6
C single leg ham curl 4x10
D rope medley 4x10 of
standing abs x face pulls x pull thrus


first god bless the woman in tights doing rear delt raises 3" away from the single ham curl machine

warm up activatoin stuff- this was a good move- ham and knee felt good from it.
barbel split squats - easier then a lunge felt good - these are not BSS just a split stance.
rope stuff
semi sumo -
PT had suggested these as I have problems locking out well - no grinding of the knee/ham with these go figure

the seated calf raises from earlier this week while needed - made for some awkward shit- for a few days- everything back there is very jacked up like two pieces of wood- with a rusty ass hinge

some training 1.8.16

chest brah and machines in full effect

mobility shit
dislocates banded retractions scap hip and glute work
TRX medley 4x10
Face pull x rear delt fly x row x pushup x fall outs

A smith decline wut 185 10x3
B1 alt db press 70 5x6
B2 CSR 2pts 5x10
C1 pull up bw+25 5x5
C2 dip bw 5x10
D db clean and press 40 4x8
E1 chest cable fly 4x many
E2 banded pushdown 4x many

trolled around looking for some different upper training
found this- could not believe people do this.

I dont think I have ever used the smith machine serial
and I have not done decline in over 4 years.
neither are something I can take seriously

squats feel natural pulls of any kind feel good.
alternating db press actually felt good
go figure.

feeling good,feeling natural…its all good bro!

thanks OG- I meant
this pump and fluff stuff feels unatural but is admittedly a bit fun…

training today 1.9.16

crunched for time

did a TBT conditioning
did 4 rounds of
500m row
325 trap dead x5

TRX 4 rounds x10-12

face pulls x row x pushup x fall outs x Hanging leg raise.

rowing made my my knee snap like a snare drum.
pretty loud enough to make me quit- wanted more.

HLR- been avoiding these for many many months-
I get a good amount of pain on my left lower abs
same side as this plastic knee surprise.
Im no medical professoinal - but I detect a bit of cause and effect.

otherwise this felt good-


some training

mobility found some new stuff that helped allot banded work for hams.
and for the quad as well.

lots of lunges etc

A squat wut 225 5x5
B air hump 225 3x10
C bss 40’s 4x8
D1 single leg ham curl 4x10 each
D2 calf raise 1 pt 4x10
E 29 min bike ride.

doesnt look like allot but it was
used bands for other stuff besides TKE and really got my ham
and quad on the pipecleaner leg felt pretty good
squats felt ok- bss left me for dead.

1.13.16 some trainnig

lunges foam lunges lots of scap and thoracic work
TRX medley 3 rounds face pull x row x pushup x fall outs x12+

A pull downs 5x10
B CSR 2ptsx 10 3 pts 2x10 4 pts x5 3pts 2x8
C High Pull from thigh 135 2x5 185 2x3 225 2x2 bleh
D db row 100 20 each
E low pulley row med ng 5x10
F1 straigt arm pull down 5x15-20
F2 face pulls 5x20

backwards sled drag- a bunch

notes mostly pump and fluff
high pulls - not a great idea- too fast for my knee
used straps for high pulls and for the CSR 4 plate set
not a fan.
backwards sled- these do help allot wish there was a longer path pulling these to use.

been hot minute since Ive been in here.

work - snow stuffs - not much training
stuffs being when the pipe cleaner leg doesnt feel right.

training 1.25.16

mobility lots and lots banded work
134,566,678,9876 lunges of different types
spent alot of time on hips hams shoulders thoracic

bb complex
5 row x 5 rdl x 1 clean x5 front squats
bar , 65, 95, 135 all 2 rounds each

A1 lying ham 6x10-12
A2 front squat 135 2x5 185x5 205x5 225x5 245x3
B db RDL 100 3x12
C1 seated ham curl 5x10
C2 calf extension 5x10
D rope medley all 3x20
pull down abs
face pulls
pull thrus


squats felt ok - til they didnt
heavier sets the dime store knee didnt feel so great
rdls - good rope medley great.

I need to find more leg work that is less knee dominant
much of the single leg work and even things like seated ham curls
put allot of pressure on the graft - and the ham itself doesnt feel good
lying ham curl - as much I think they help- the pad is right against the graft.

regrouping here a bit-
higher rep crap is coming soon.

Pipe cleaner leg. Dime store knee. Love your writing. The high rep life: You get used to it.

even with a bad wheel your front squat is 100xbetter than mine…big ass snow you guys got. I live south of Boston so we were lucky…this time! keep banging

…first post via the new, improved (lol) site…

Hey bro, have you tried this:

I’d still like to train under the illusion of being athletic

Glad you found a smile in there that’s the point right