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Life Fitness Home Gym, Thing

So my dad and I …after having a really long arguement about what home equipment to get…purchased a life fitness home gym. (http://us.home.lifefitness.com/content.cfm/g7).

AFter months of me telling him to just get a squat and bench set. he said no and purchased this. Is this machine just as good as having a bench and squat set?? I dont think so…but i want to hear your guys’s opinions.

Nope, it’s not as good, but I would bet you can be creative and get some use out of it.

Put the pulleys at the bottom and get a bar that connects between them and put it across your back and you can do some squats in there. Not exactly an ideal solution, but better than nothing if this is the only thin you have access to.

We have one of these things at my gym (in addition to a cable cross station, so I’m not sure what purpose it serves).

It has pull up handles. That’s pretty sweet. You could get really good at pull ups.

that’s the sort of shit you buy AFTER you buy a squat rack and bench.

Each weight stack is only 160lbs, and it costs $3,500. That sucks!

$3,500 for a couple of cable stacks? Shit, you could put together one hell of a gym for that amount of dough. No doubt his argument was that “this would be safer”.