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Life extension

I’m curious as to if and how T-mag readers fit life-extension goals into the more immediate goals of getting big and getting lean. I’ve read on the site that the two sort of go together. Any practical advice? Sources of information that you like? Thanks for the info!


RL:This is a VERY good question and one that I take seriously. I’m not one of those “live forever-waiting on the Mothership-freeze our bodies and live forever” fanatics. I’m more concerned about MORBIDITY than MORTALITY. In other words, I want to be strong and healthy in my later years. As one friend put it “I want to die either under an Avalanche or under a 22 year old hottie!”

I take a four pronged approach:

1)Overall physical strength and endurance.(My primary resources are “Testosterone” and yes, the various Muscle Mags. Between all the T&A and advertisements, I find those one or two “Pearls of Wisdom” every month).

2)Nutrition (“Testosterone” and something called “Alternatives” www.drwillams.com). Dr. Willams and “Alternatives” were the first to alert the public on trans-fatty acids, not cholesterol, being the biggest culprit in heart disease; the importance of phytochemicals in the diet; Bromelain for arterial health, etc.)

3)Longevity (My primary resource, of which I am a member, is the “Life Extension Foundation” www.lef.og). They are at the frontlines of the battle against the FDA and their attempt to regulate supplements, AND they are at the forfront of supplementation as a TOOL to longevity. Along with “Biotest”, their supplements are some of the best in the world.(Note: The LEF and Dr. Willams TEND to be very “nutrition/supplement” oriented, with very little on resistance training and/or cardiovascular training. Chris’s “pyramid” appears to be somewhat inverted, in that they TEND to be in the non-specific “get some exercise” camp. We all know it takes more than that).Support the LEF if no more than to keep them in the fight against the FDA.

4)Sex, Lifestyle, General (My primary resources are “Men’s Health”, “Men’s Fitness”,“GQ” (I’m still unsure about “Maxim”; the jury is still out on that one, at least for me!) and the Internet. Punch a topic into www.google.com, and you will end up with a wealth of information).

So, that’s me, and my main resouces. The bottom line (as Chris indicated this week) is this: if we don’t alter our diets and destructive lifestyles FIRST; and “get medival” in the Gym on a regular basis, a pill or some Herbal concoction won’t make us healthier or lead us to a longer, healthier life…Stop smoking; stop drinking; don’t do drugs; get rest; avoid stress; ingest healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean protein; drink water; lift weights; do cardio…THEN and ONLY THEN, will you be on your way…

Hope this helps!

Musafa, i can’t find that Drwillams.com site, are you sure that’s the right adress? I’m interested in these things and would like to check it, thanks.

Sorry about that, guys:


Good reply Musafa. I agree with you that it makes little sense trying to extend maximal life span while sacrificing quality of life. I think the calorie restriction is a good example of this mistake. Aside from the “basic advice”: don’t smoke, drink little EtOH, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise, eat lean protein and good fats, etc., I’m not sure how much works. I take some limited antioxidants (C 500mg, E 400 IU) on top of that. Trying to gain as much lean mass as possible while keeping the body fat low seems like a good way to go (re. quality).

I have some mixed feelings about LEF. They’re a supplement company that runs a magazine like Biotest/Testosterone. Nothing wrong with that, they’re up front about it. But that don’t seem to be able to pull it off with the same integrity. I also favor a much more conservative approach, whereas they seem to try to get you to ingest anything that might possibly be of help (ignoring possibility of harm).

Agree, RL. As soon as a TAD of research comes out, LEF has a supplement for it! I guess with all supplement companies you have to 1)do your own research and 2)wait a while until the supplement shows up more in the literature.

Also (just to emphasize a point). LEF and Dr.Williams are HEAVY on the “supplement/what we ingest” side, and almost non-existant on the cardiovascular/resistance training side. And I would guess that a lot of LEF members have that “magic bullet” mentality as they take a boat load of anti-oxidants to “counteract” their cigarettes!

I also guess I look at the two as a “double check” to “warn” me of false food industry advertising, shams in the supplement and medical world, FDA interference, pertinent research, etc. Then it’s up to me to make the choice…