Life Extension Mix, Good Product?

How many people here have tried it? Dr. Berardi recommends Greens plus and thats what I was planning on getting before I found this and now Im not so sure. Its expensive but if its not B.S. it replaces a multivitamin/multimineral, greens powder, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, NAC, olive oil, and so on. The dosages are huge. But then greens+ has probiotics, colon cleansers and a few other things that I dont see in the L-ex mix.

So is this stuff as great as the few people Ive found that are taking it claim or would I be better off sticking with my original plan of just the Animal Pak, Greens+, and maybe some enzymes and NAC 600 thrown in. Which would be better?

Also, mixing those two wouldnt be too much of anything would it? I know some of the fat soluble vit are toxic in too large of a dose. Maybe either plan is a bad idea.

BTW Im 36 and though I quit a year ago I smoked for 15 years. My #1 goals are health, wellness, rebuilding, and performance. #2 is of course the usual, size, strength, power, and good looks. So any suggestions or comments are welcome and appreciated.


I haven’t taken greens+ but I have taken a greens powder every morning for three years. If you can eat a couple pounds of real vegetables every day, then fine, but drinking down a couple pounds of vegetables broken down into a powder provides a feeling no multi-vitamin matches (because it’s three years I’m past the “placebo effect”).

Btw, a greens powder already has anti-oxidants and polyphenols plus thousands of vegetable properties not yet discovered by researchers. Vitamin C, green tea extract, etc., is just scratching the surface. Screw the isolated vitamins, go for a whole foods supplement.


I think the LEF Mix is good. It contains a ton of stuff, in divided doses over the day, that most other supplements just can’t match.

As someone who doesn’t like vegetables, I’ve used it as a safety net for years now.

However, you may also want to consider a greens type of supplement. I’m sure that while they overlap a little bit, there are certainly differences enough to warrant both of them.

As for the LEF Mix, I like the fact that it contains so many different proven items. Things like grape seed extract, olive oil polyphenols, broccoli concentrate, lycopene and on and on and on.

I’ve been taking the LEF formula for about 8 months now, and I think it’s a good supplement. But there are 2 things I don’t like about it. 1) I seem to very easily feel sick to my stomach when taking it. 2) The mineral quantities seem strange. Not much calcium. Of course, you can always take more calcium separately, but when I pay this much money for a “multi” formula, I want it to have all the basics.

So overall, I like Whitaker’s Forward Plus formula best. I’ve taken it for about 6 years. It does not have all the fancy stuff, but I feel that the mineral formulation is excellent, and I never feel sick when taking it. My experience.