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life experience dgree???

i got an e mail from “Alameda College” they claim to offer degress to those with experience and or knowledge in a particular field. has anyone heard of this before:

“Life Experience can equal a College Degree! Have you worked hard all your life? Are you an expert in your field? Then get the credit you deserve! Convert your experience and knowledge into an Almeda College and University Associate, Bachelor, or even Master Degree.”

here is the link:


Are you gonna apply?

I could get a BS degree in Smart Ass Comments from there. Maybe even a masters. But to answer your question, Nope, never heard of it.

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Validictorian P-DOG.

its probably some guy in his boat slip somewhere printing out degrees and diplomas like that guy from Lasalle University was in Louisianna a few years back…I don’t think any of those through the mail degrees are worth much unless you at least have some in class time kinda like University of Pheonix…IMO Very few employers actually recognize correspondence courses…I took a whole lot in the Marine Corps and when I got out and presented them for a job they asked where they were from then just kinda thumbed through it and in a polite way said they were not worth crap…

This paticular school is not accreditated which makes the degree worthless.

If you are interested in an online degree your should get a book called “Bear’s guide to distance learning”. It breaks down a bunch of schools that have online and correspondance programs. These are accreditted will be accepted as valid.

they are accredited by the

association for online academic excellence.

What are they charging for the degree? Whatever it is, I will send you a very nice official looking diploma for half of their price.

If you want the Ph.D. that will cost a little more because the paper for the diploma is a little thicker.

Some schools, which are deg. completion schools, offer credits (1-9 total, usually) for experience in your field. For ex., if you are a strength coach and you’ve been doing it for 10 years without a degree, they’d give you credits for it. I’ve never heard of getting a whole deg. for “life experience” though…who would hire someone with that qualif.?

Hey P-dog,
There are only seven or eight accrediting organizations that are worth anything. They are regional and affiliated with the CHEA. These are the only ones that really matter and are recognized. Here is a link to their directory.


The CHEA also recognizes a few more specialized accrediting bodies for community colleges, religious and trade schools.

There are a lot of shady accreditation organizations out there. Lot?s of international and distance learning ones that try to make you feel like they do something. Most of them are so diploma mills can say they are accredited.

Think of it like a ?certified? personal trainer. Yeah, the guy at 24-hour fitness is certified. He took the 20-question test and paid his $40, but is that really worth anything?

Also, there are a few good schools that give credit for ‘life experience’.

I know Tomas Edison in NJ does, but it is allot more involved. The credit is based on profesional certifications or licenses, not just what you say.

I have a friend who just finished his degree in aeronautical science. Because he had a comercail pilot license they waived a bunch of classes and gave him the credit.

Actually there are many more accrediting bureaus within the state of California as well as nationally that are recognized without being listed in the previously posted web site.
It is up to the idividual to do the work to find out what types of requirements each bureau places on the institutions that they accredit. The college that I work for is part of a national chain that holds a variety of accreditations depending on region and program, several of which were not mentioned on that list.

Best bet in this scenerio is to check with the potential employer, as I already suggested, and ask them if they would accept this degree. Plus virtually any vocational college would allow a potential student to take a battery of competency tests to verify experience or training and to provide credit for that knowledge. Maybe that would be a better route. We do afterall live near several decent voc schools.