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Life Changing Bowel Movements


I won't go too much into detail, but let's just say this mornings trip to the porcelain god was dramatic to say the least. Being a long term vegan, my diet is pretty high in fiber and I generally don't experience the long, drawn out experiences that I used to have when I was still eating meat, but this morning was thread worthy.

It certainly wasn't painful, but it seemed like I could of made it through the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the time I was in the bathroom. At the 15 minute mark, I felt about 25 lbs lighter and at first couldn't feel anything below my knees for about a minute or so, do you know how scary it is to realize that you could end up in a wheel chair due to a poop?

Anyways, I feel fantastic now and since I'm quite sure others have had similar experiences, let's share!


You're gonna get flamed for being a vegan, not for your poop story.



I've admitted multiple times to being a vegan on this site, I'm immune to the torment by now...all though stating that probably means it's only getting to get worse.


I once had to "pull the plug" on a 500 pound guy who died while rubbing one out on the pot. Early on in my medical carreer, he was so fat they had to basically just roll him on the stretcher to bring him to the hospital. Oh and why be a vegan?


It started out as a challenge to myself really. Originally I still included eggs + dairy in my diet, and over time as I discovered more and more non-soy options for quality protein I phased out the dairy and eggs. I'm not trying to be the biggest or strongest guy around, but I found when I first started out on this diet I was making gains faster than usual in the gym.

I'd attribute it to just overall feeling better and recovery. I certainly wouldn't advocate this for 99% of the posters on this site, but it's worked for me with my goals. If anything, it's simply taught me to be more meticulous when planning out what I'll be putting in my body.

Also, I'm not one of those preachy soy boys sipping on a latte in Starbucks. While I'm against animal cruelty, I still do believe that the overall purpose of having livestock animals on this planet is for human consumption.


Cool man no worries, just curious. People have to make there own choices and you seem leveled headed on the choices you have made. You will survive on here because you are not "preaching".

So out of curosity what non-soy protein sources are you speaking off?


Shake wise I've gotten by with Brown Rice and Pea protein. Both are pretty complete aside from being lower in methionine and cysteine respectively. A lot of the imitation meat products I have available to be here are vegetable protein based. The bulk of my protein consumption comes from beans, nuts, and pulses though, mostly kidney beans, lentils, almonds, and peas.

Avoiding soy completely is pretty impossible since it is the basis for many meat imitation products, but I try my best. Tofu is gross and I have not yet discovered a proper way to marinade/prepare it so it's not completely offensive to my taste buds.

Seitan is another good one, all though I've had trouble finding it for purchase around here at a decent price so I'll usually just have it at certain restaurants that have it. It has pretty much the same look/consistency/mild taste of sliced roast beef from a deli, most vegans won't eat it for those reasons actually.


in my life time i have taken a few shits that i've deeemed worthy of mention... taken a few BM's that have circled the bowl which i have been particularly proud... and a few that have "disappeared" (what i've deemed as the houdini poop)...

they were at an angle and velocity that seemed to propel them straight into the drainage pipe and out of view... it scared me the first time cuz i knew something had to have come out... when i flushed it however it peeked back out before making its way to the ocean...

also have u ever found something to sub red meat? anything u miss the most since turning vegan?


There's a company here in Canada called Yves that makes several beef substitutes (original, Tex Mex, Italian, and Chinese flavored) The texture is obviously different, but I just buy the Tex Mex flavor and use it in mostly everything. Toss in a 1/2 cup of TVP (Textured Vegetable protein) and you get a meal that's roughly 35-40 grams of protein with less than 10 grams of carbs, makes a pretty good stir fry if you toss in some veggies and what not. As previously mentioned, Seitan reminds me of deli sliced roast beef.

As far as missing anything, nothing really. It makes family get togethers and holiday meals somewhat difficult, so that's really been the only real issue I've been faced with. I much prefer the meals I make now in terms of taste and fulfillment over what I'd have in my meat eating days.


Yeah, but did you ever dump a 2-tone turd?


It was 1am and I has just finished off 32 chicken wings, 4 rootbeers, 8 bread sticks, half a tray of pasta and half a large pizza.

Dear Lord it was epic. I heard the toilet cry a few times but I told it everything would be ok.


Fired out a log so large that when I flushed it just spun around.

Thank god it was a public washroom.


I once asked my doc (a GI doc) what was the worst case of bowel issues he had ever seen. He said he had a female patient who hadn't had a BM in a month. I couldn't believe it, I asked him if he wasn't exaggerating, and he said no he was not. He admitted her, began her on an IV along with some mild laxatives. I can't imagine what came out of her, after a month.


I heard a very overweight nurse once tell me that she only uses the bathroom once every four days to take a dump.

When gaining, I am lucky to last 4 hours.

One month is just insane.

I would honestly like to see a reality tv show with 5 of the largest bodybuilders all sharing the same apartment....just to see how long it takes before the network has to pay for a new bathroom.


^ Low flow toilet maybe 2 days, normal maybe a week.


After an Indian buffet. It protruded from the water and filled the rest of the bowl underwater. Plus the ring of fire.

It was at least 6 Couric's.


Has anyone ever weighed themselves before and after?

I have. Best was about 2kg a few years ago. I love that feeling after when there's a nice emptiness down deep in my torso.


I don't understand men's obsession with poop. If you guys are so proud of poop, how come you run like hell when it's time to change the baby's diaper?



If I see that little camera icon at the end of this thread title on the main page I'm not coming back in.


It literally feels like you're walking on air, I probably could have talked myself into trying to run a marathon based on how light my lower body felt.