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60kg x 4
65kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 5 volume PR

100kg x 5 secs
120kg x 5 secs - both most weight ever moved two inches PRs.Â

No motivation today, so I just went in, did a load of work sets around 85-90% of my 5 rep max (75kg)and then two stupid heavy unracks just to make myself feel like I’d achieved something.Â

Coped with the volume well IMO - might stick with it and see if it helps me get my bench out of this sub 100kg zone that I’ve been stuck in fir far too long - stop over complicating it with partials and bands, and just fuckin bench more.Â

I’ll have to catch up on back and shoulder volume on Thursday.Â

Sumo pulls
60kg x 5
80kg x 5
100kg x 3
120kg x 3
135kg x 1
152.5kg x fail - aimed too high. 
150kg x fail
140kg x 1 - couldn’t’ve got another - annoying.

Little disheartening. Hopefully just a bad day.

20 rep squats - 87.5 kg

Forward lean returned. Still felt good.

Ran out of time to do hamstring work.

Pissed about the deadlifts. Should’ve had plenty of energy for them, as the past few days have been very carb heavy, so yeah, annoying. 
Not like complaining on the Internet ever got anyone anywhere though. 
Will hit them again next week and dominate them.

Just looking back at the log, I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of deadstop work. I don’t feel especially tired, but it could be taxing on my CNS. Now that my incision’s healed up, I feel comfortable free squatting heavy to depth, so I’ll take out the pin squats. Depending on how I feel next week I’ll either try again on sumos or use something less taxing (good mornings? Power cleans? Speed pulls?)

Bench press - bar x 10
40kg x 8
60kg x 16 or 17 (I forget) - PR 
60kg x 15
60kg x 15

Staggered with chins
Two doubles at BW 
Three singles at BW 10kg

Bent over row - 60kg x 12
80kg x 10
80kg x 10

Superset with rear delt flies
5kg x 40 x 3 “experimenting with lower reps” (wimped out)

Grip/arms/traps/upper back circuit
Dumbbell high pull 40 kg x 5 each arm
Pull up bar curl (see vid) 10kg x 10
Snatch grip shrugs 80kg x 20

1 round (got hungry)

The curls were my way of emulating poliquin’s p bar curl. Keeps tension on the bicep throughout the range of motion, and also forces you to resist movement at the wrist (ulnar deviation).

I <3 broscience.

BW X some

Goblet - 40kg x 8

High bar - 60kg x 5
70kg x 5
80kg x 3
90kg x 3
100kg x 2
110kg x 1 - possible PR
120kg x 1 - definite PR

Squats felt slow and weak up til 100kg, which flew up, so I decided to switch goals from 110 x 3 to 120 x 1. A few weeks ago I could maybe have ground this out, today I felt good for 125.

Unfortunately, just after unracking it, I felt a streak of pain across my upper/middle back. The lift went off without a hitch, but I cut it off there.

This means that I missed my last 20 rep squat set, which is a bummer. Next couple of weeks are basically exam after exam, so a bit of a forced deload tbh. 
I’m going to follow more of a strength focused kick next cycle, instead of bastardising two programs together. 20 rep squats and max effort work while not following a bulking diet was probably not the smartest idea - fun as it was. 
I do think my legs have grown, particularly the VMO and general outer thigh mass, but I’ll save going back to them for after the summer, when I can start eating like a beast, and follow a proper 20 rep program.

Experimental workout today. General idea was to pre exhaust some vanity muscles before going in and hitting big moves in a circuit to get some sort of metabolic effect yadayadayada.

First circuit - warm up
Push press 45kg x 6-8
Zercher squat 45kg x 10
Jumping pullups x 15 
Pushups x 10
Swings 20kg x 20

Second circuit - pre-exhaust isolation exercises

Lateral raises 10kg x 10-15
Bulgarian split squats x 10-15 each leg
Overhead extension 20kg x 15
Pullup bar curl 10kg x 15
Lying leg curl 20kg x 15

Repeat circuit two three times with no rest between circuits.

Then repeat circuit one three times. Allow a bit of rest. Complete each circuit AFAP.

Go through the isolation circuit one last time - to failure on all exercises.

Jumping pullups feel like such a douchebag exercise, but when I’ve done them before after standard pullups my lats have been extremely sore. Hits the calves too.

Maybe not the most intelligent workout, but it was fun as hell.

More dicking about.

Power clean and front squat and press - 45kg
Stood in front of a stopwatch, performing one rep every 20 seconds - gives about 10-15 seconds rest between reps. Went on for 10 minutes - 33 reps? Could’ve gone heavier - wouldn’t have wanted to go on for longer.

Farmers walk - 20 yards - 8 walks
50 kg each hand ( 20 kg vest for the first 4 walks)

Shopping around programs to follow over the 6 weeks after exams. Think I’ll go with Tim Henrique’s 6 week program on squat and deadlift days, and run Dave Tate’s six week bench again - went from 70kg to 80kg last time I ran it - newb gainz ftw.

No time for a proper workout recently, but over the past couple of hours I banged out 46 total neutral grip chins.
Probably repeat this over the next few days until I’m done with exams.

Managed to actually get some work in.

Yesterday - practiced power snatches and clean and jerk - went up to 55kg on each movement, and 45kg on OH squat before it got too wobbly. When I’m back on a program, I’ll probably work on OH squats in my lower body warmups.

Today - did some benching. Thought I’d test my 1RM so I know it before i start the six week cure - epic fail on 87.5kg. Might have it another time, but I’ve been starving myself too much recently. On the plus side, I’m leaner.

Then 5 x 5 handstand pushups and 3 x 5 banded pushups.

1 last exam in two days time.

Front squatted today

Seated box jump - some worked in with warmup front squat sets.

Front squats
40kg x 4
50kg x 3
60kg x 2
70kg x 1
80kg x 1
90kg x 1
100kg x 1 - PR - had it in me for ages, just needed an opportunity. Felt good, so
110kg x fail Two reasons for the fail. Insufficient rest between sets, and my stupid ass forgot that adding two x 2.5kg to each side adds 10kg over all, not 5, so I attempted 5kg too much.

Big dent to my pride, bigger dents in my squat rack.

Meant to do some bulgarian split squats, but became conscious of time, so went straight into
Backwards sled drag
40kg x 20 yards
60kg x 20 yards
80kg x 20 yards x 4
Good amount of blood into the quads after those.


Overhead press
Bar x some
30kg x some
40kg x 3
45kg x 1
50kg x 1
55kg x 1
60kg x fail x screw it, I’ll push press it for a double x Jesus that was ugly

55kg had a nice pop off of the chest from the hips, the 60kg attempt had ugly knee bend.

70% of max - max reps in a minute
40kg x 10

Pullups staggered between all OHP sets (3-4 per rest interval) + some band dislocates.

Banded pushups

Ss/bent over row
60kg x 8
80kg x8
80kg x 8

Ss/snatch grip shrugs
60kg x 20
80kg x 16
80kg x 19 - grip failed on the heavy sets. It shouldn’t. Upper back is good and sore today though.

Tabata pushups/inverted row (flared elbows for rear delts)
Alternating between the two every 30 seconds.
Need to get better at both of these movements.

Exams are OVER. The gap yah has begun. Time for a long workout, then going out on the lash tonight to screw up my recovery.

Seated box jumps - hip height box/trampoline
Doubles before the first five deadlift sets

Sumo deadlift
60kg x 2
80kg x 2
100kg x 2
110kg x 2
120kg x 1
130kg x 1
140kg x 1
150kg x 1 - equal to conventional PR and a new sumo PR. Happy.

Glute bridges
60kg x 5
80kg x 5 x 4 sets
Learning it, so light weight for now. Held the peak contraction for a count.

Rdls - toes elevated - it lets me get deeper, and I have no idea why.
80kg x 15
X 12 slight grip worries
X 15 deadstop

Ss/ end ROM reverse hypers (lying on the edge of a trampoline waving my legs around)
3 sets of 20

Intense lower back pump

Was going to do tabata swings, but this was quite a big session (for me) already, and I was shattered.
Plus I’m leaning out well already from the dieting.

Plan for the next few weeks.
4 sessions a week - OHP, Bench, Squat, Deadlift. Up to 5 rep maxes next week, then 3 rep maxes the week after.
A week long holiday in Greece with the other half. Taking bands with me - lot of pullups, pistols, pullaparts, etc, and getting my tan on.
After that, finally starting the six week cure for bench, replacing the dynamic effort day (wasted on a weakling like me) with a repetition effort day overhead work. Following Tim Henrique’s 6 week program for both squat and deadlift (on seperate days) using these maxes: 120KG, 150KG. If I burn out, I’ll drop the heavy deads and do a more conditioning focused day in their place, but I should cope fine. May run two cycles of both programs

Vids: - YouTube

enjoy your gap yah brah

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
enjoy your gap yah brah[/quote]

Thanks man. Got a lot of earning to do before I can actually afford to travel anywhere though. Plan is to run the length of Oz at some point next year. Until then, it’s lift, lift, work.

Bar x some
40kg x 8
50kg x 5
60kg x 5
70kg x 5
75kg x 5 matched PR - happy with that after how much bench sucked last week.

Floor press 
40kg x 8 paused
50kg x 8 paused 
55kg x 8 touch and go

Meadows row 
30kg x 8
40kg x 8
45kg x 8

Meant to do tabata pushups/inverted rows, but couldn’t find the timer, so:
20 pushups, 20 rows, 20 seconds rest x 3

The six week cure uses floor press as its first ME movement, so I tried it out today as assistance. Watching it back, I notice this: My shoulder blades don’t look tucked back.
I don’t control the weight down well enough - bouncing elbows onto the floor cant be good.
I have to pull the bar out of the “rack” an excessive amount - on the next set I got closer and unracking it felt easier.

For ME purposes, is it more suitable to perform the reps touch and go, or paused? I realise it depends on your goals and where you’re weak. I don’t really have a sticking point on bench - generally off the chest = success, but I do feel my lockout is a lot stronger proportionally.

This is the 50kg set - YouTube

Overhead squats
Hammered them with just the bar

High bar squats 
60kg x 5
70kg x 5
80kg x 5
95kg x 3
107.5kg x 5 - 2.5kg PR, but not happy with form. Falling forwards in the hole, and it even looks like my entire back is rounding. This didn’t happen last time I maxed out - it’s a repping thing apparently.Â

Front squats
80kg x 3 x 5 reps
Bar placement was awful. Kept sliding down off of my left shoulder.Â

Everything felt terrible today. Legs were weak and I couldn’t stay tight. 
Entire back was sore yesterday after the rows the day before. Lingering DOMS today, which I don’t think helped with keeping tight. 
Like a pussy, I stopped the session there.Â

Will hit up some abs after I’ve taken the dog out.Â

Insert more whining here