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Life Altering Experience & Interesting Lab Results 9-10 Weeks Post Cycle

Short version. 5 years of sickness leads to low test levels 260ng did my first anabolic cycle and pct and now test levels are stable but very high 1185ng 10 weeks after last t-shot 8 weeks into pct wtf is going on and should I continue with my second cycle as planned after 10th week of pct or ride out my now high normal t levels for more natural gains?

New fourm user with interesting results post cycle. (also go easy on me it was my first cycle ever)

Did a test-e 400mg per week cycle for 10 weeks injecting every 3.5-4 days.
During cycle I ran hcg every 3 days 200iu and week 9 and 10 upped to 600iu before discontinuing.
Ai I ran was arimidex 0.5mg eod

Pct was 2 weeks and 1 day after last t shot consisting of nolv40mg/100mg clomid every day for first 2 weeks 20/50 every day for second 2 weeks.

Now a little history about myself. I’m 30 years old, 6 years ago at age 24 I was in great shape 6’1" 201lbs training for an Ironman triathlon. Then I got sick… I don’t mean like cancer or anything horrible like that I just mean sick. Bad flu’s 103+ degrees , bi weekly sinus infections (probably ran over 90 courses of different dosages types of antibiotics over the course of 4 years) had sinus surgery to try and correct NOTHING was working. Also had c-diff twice from all the antibiotic bullshit. My body was in shambles every time I tried to jog/lift I’d be bedridden for up to a week with something.

At this point I’d been to probably 4 different hospitals and seen 50+ doctors. Trying desperately to hold on to some semblance of normal life.

The kicker is according to all thier “tests” there was nothing wrong with me at all and I should just be a healthy 24-25-26-27-28 year old. I even started to believe I was making myself sick mentally.

That’s when shit hit the fan literally insomnia started, followed by large periods of lethargy (14 hours of sleeping and then laying in bed with no energy to move at all)

Somehow I managed to get proper documentation and through MLA and FMLA law managed to keep my job and get 60% of my normal income. (my job is very very physical)

I wasn’t going to work alot, I was sleeping through alarm clocks even though I set 3-4 of them.

Then high blood pressure began

I have always always always since 4 years old had on the low end of blood pressure 98/65ish and now I was reading 150+/110+ and getting throbbing headaches to boot.

My doctors junped at the chance finally an abnomalmality detected let’s give you high blood pressure medicine.

Now shit really ultimately hit the fan. My wife one morning woke up to all 3-4 of my alarms going off and me remaining unresponsive and proceeded to shake me trying to wake me up. She couldn’t. She tried harder yelling hitting me shoving me (almost rolling me. Finally she was able to rouse me into coherencey enough that I literally fell out of bed and that’s when I was finally “awake” I knew something was wrong i shambles downstairs while she went back to sleep and took my blood pressure after my startling experience. Mild high blood pressure 132/89 but I noticed the pulse said 27.

I though to myself this can’t be right I’d be fainted or half dead right now that low of a pulse (little did I know at the time) took the reading on the other arm very similar 135/92 pulse 28.

It this point I’m jogging around the lower floor of my home whilst letting my dogs out probably 10 minutes of light jogging. Sit down take blood pressure again 121/83 pulse 31…
Switch arms 124/84 pulse 30…

Shorten the story by a ton I ended up in the er and was admitted for 38 hours of observation. All testing showed I was fine other than my heartrate. The blood pressure cuff at home did not lie my heart continued to beat at 30-40 bpm (setting off some kind of beeping alarm at the hospital most of the time.

All thier tests came back normal and I was discharged saying I just have a slow heart rate like some athletes get. They attributed this to my past excercise and physical job. But I knew my heart rate was always in the 60’s 70’s before and had prior ekg from age 25 to prove it. I went to a cardiologist. They ran every test they could pull out of thier hats and EVERYTHING came back normal…

After months of testing, heart monitors they wanted me to get a pacemaker to regulate my heartbeat even though no arithmic malfunctions were detected by the 30 day monitor.

I sought out a second opinion from a very prestigious cardiologist at a major cities teaching hospital and he confirmed the pacemaker diagnosis was nessicary.

Age 28 pacemaker right fuck my actual life. I said yes. My Dr. Out of some stroke of covering his ass or last minute genius says to me let’s get updated labs prior to the procedure and a sleep study done to see if it’s safe to put you under during heart surgery.

The turning point!!!

Age 29 I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. We never did the pacemaker surgery.

07/13/18 I started sleeping with a cpap machine.

3 months later 0 sinus infections, I think 1 common cold. I had morning erections again no fevers. Life was turning for the better. Next ekg showed resting heart rate of 63-68 bpm. Like I was twice as alive as 3 months ago.

All of this took a drastic toll on my my once 200lbs body so I started hitting the gym 280lbs fat bastard I was. Started keto diet to detox sugar and pump up my proteins. Had great success I shed 20lbs shortly, but was getting some absolutely crippling delayed onset soreness like nothing at all until 4-5 days later and then I was down for 1-2 days with horrible muscle cramps/spasms.

Let’s just say my test levels were low like 260ng

My Neighbor convinced me to order some steroids due to no doctor willing to prescribe test to a 29 year old. Even with low t.

After a few months of deliberating and talking to a few sources of enhanced users experiences with steroids they convinced me even though all the online research I’ve done says not to run anaebolics until you’ve reached your potential / have bf lower than about 15% I think I was at 35% (yuk)

So this brings me back to my first cycle.

test-e 400mg per week cycle for 10 weeks injecting every 3.5-4 days.
During cycle I ran hcg every 3 days 200iu and week 9 and 10 upped to 600iu before discontinuing.
Ai I ran was arimidex 0.5mg eod

Pct was 2 weeks and 1 day after last t shot consisting of nolv40mg/100mg clomid every day for first 2 weeks 20/50 every day for second 2 weeks.

Now I’m down at 240lbs and 23% bf 9 weeks after last t-shot 3-1/2 weeks post cycle therapy.

I got my test levels checked hoping they wouldn’t be worse than what I started with 260ng

I got the results and had to ask the doctor to repeat herself. 1193ng test levels.

Week 10:
Needless to say I went to a random doc paid cash for visit and another test lab result. Came back 1186ng test levels estrogen levels normal range same with everything else (they didn’t give me specifics but I was also a little afraid to ask for details)

So what the actual fuck happened my test levels are holding stable at ridiculous levels and my other labs look good I haven’t taken any additional anaebolics that would skew lab results in fact do to planning winstrol in my next cycle with equipose / test e I wanted to detox my liver so I’m taking literally nothing no vitamins protein shakes supplements zero zip nada.

Anyone know what the actual fuck is going on because I’m clueless.

I’m gonna try to keep this short.

As far as your levels etc it been known to happen it could be attributed to the pct drugs and hcg sort of restarting yur system. I would suggest getting a couple more labs done over the course of a month to just varify those numbers are accurate.

Now if they are accurate I would suggest leaving the gear alone. Not just because you have great levels but if I were you with all your previous medical issues and sleep apnea shit going on I wouldn’t feel comfortable blasting a bunch of steroids.

I think you should take a step back continue your diet and training then in 5 years if your medical situation is 100% stable MAYBE revisit gear. I would do a lot of research in the mean time making sure it won’t be harmful or interact with your medical issues.

How many weeks exactly after last pill of pct drug did you get your blood test?

I know Thst those drugs have some serious half life

If their effect has totally ended it is awesome and something I am hoping too

I am 32 and my natural free testesterone is at the very low end of the range

First test was done 26 days after last 20/50 nolv/clomid dose second test was 34 days out.

I do see what your saying about long half life’s but can 1-2% of those metabolites (if we are counting the extreme end of thier complete elimination) peak my test level by almost 4 times higher?

@zeek1414 I appreciate the advice brother that’s why I’m here.

I’m super glad I did the cycle I’ve never felt better had zero side effects no rage no depression no hair loss no hair gain nothing not even when taking clomid/nolv.

I haven’t been sick once on or after cycle (the longest period in the last 6 years)

Had some enormous gains all around in my weightlifting added 140lbs to my bench alone 300lbs to leg press shed 50lbs of fat and packed on 20lbs lean muscle. I hit the gym like a fanatic 6-7 days a week 15min sauna hour on weights 15-30 on cardio another 15 min in sauna. 320+g protein per day taking bcaa’s before and after each workout. Made it from struggling at 15 min mile down to 6 minute mile. Clocked 12:34 2 miles working on 18 something now for 3 miles.

Truely changed my life I have zero regrets that’s why I’m looking for advice on either keeping the momentum going or backing off and getting shit square.

I even changed my soap/shampoo deodorant to completely estrogen/aluminum free varieties.

My resting heartrate is now up in the 70’s-80’s and I’m sleeping like a baby.

That’s awesome bro! It sounds like a major success. Ultimately it comes down to how you feel and safety in regards to another cycle.

My understanding from reading your post is that everything wrong was somehow related to sleep apnea? Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about sleep apnea and everything it entails. I don’t know if it involves medication how it affects your cardiovascular or the rest of your body etc.

Im guessing you probably know quite a bit about it so if you do decide to run another cycle I would make sure you research any negative affects high levels of AAS can have on sleep apnea patients.

We have a pretty knowledgeable young man here @unreal24278 when it comes to medical stuff maybe he can give some better advice

It is normal to reach such levels during pct I saw such level on other people too

34 days I don’t know how much left but that your current level is great. If it stays I think you can continue without anymore cycle


No medication I sleep with a machine that basically shoots air into my nostrils at a constant pressure making sure I’m getting enough oxygen while asleep. The problem is sleep apnea is you are basically stopping breathing during sleep meaning your body is sort of suffocating/dying. Therfore you cannot reach proper rem levels of sleep because your body chokes/spasms/snores/wakes up frequently (the bladder is a muscle and frequently waking up to pee is a sign of sleep apnea) and therefore no matter how much you are sleeping your not really resting and repairing.

What the machine does is literally shoves your airways full of pressurized air keeping them open and keeping you oxygenated all night. The built in humidifier does wonders for sinus health as well as long as you keep everything clean haha. I do kind of sound like Darth Vader if I open my mouth and don’t force my throat closed while trying to speak with it on haha.

Sleep apnea is deadly if left untreated and is as bad as staying awake without sleep for a week your body will shut down everything slowly every so slowly like 0.01% decline per day. But 1750 days of not truely sleeping see’s a very large decline all across the board. Sleep apnea effects more bodily functions than most any other disease its a slow silent killer if not caught. But completely treatable by sleeping with a cpap with no side effects other than the occasion bout of condensation getting shot into your nose if you crank the humidity setting too high for the season. (ranges from 1-8 usually a 5-6 in winter and 2-3 in summer keeps things good)

Saw a guy mod his full face cpap mask to be a facehugger from the alien series was pretty amusing.

That def gives me a better understanding of what it is.

Are you aware of the potential negative affects the various different AAS have on your body at different doses? Have you cross referenced these negative affects on how they could effect someone with sleep apnea?

Im not saying there is any correlation to the two but you should def be sure before running another cycle especially if your using different AAS like EQ or Winstrol.

Im gonna give a example. I would hate for you to run a cycle and God forbid some how the RBC raising of EQ has a direct negative relation to someone with sleep apnea and something goes wrong and you don’t wake up. (completely made up just example)

But as I said as long as you do your homework and you feel comfortable doing it then it sounds like whatever cycle you run should be a success from how your previous cycle went.

Anyone else have some insightful thoughts to share I’d like to get some more discussion going.


You guys seem like extremely veteran guys would love to hear your opinions.

Also where can I get more detailed labs my doc always just has nurse call and give me verbal #'s

I think it is too soon to comment

Wait at least 2 more months and let’s see how will be your blood level by then


In another thread zeek mentioned discountlabs.com run by lab Corp they have a physical location very close by where I can run bloods what’s the name of the test I’m looking for? Going on thier website there’s like 10 different tests with keyword testosterone. I want to make sure I’m getting the best test to judge by.