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Life After WSP

I just finished Waterbury’s Summer Program last week and I loved it. Well actually I ahted every minute of it but I loved the results! I was just wondering what programs people are doing now that they are off of it. This is the first time I have did a program for the summer and also the first time being on a real diet. I was wondering if everyone is just staying on t-dawg, and if anyone is using a specific program from T-Nation.

I loved WSP so much that I’ve started it again.

[quote]Mod Laurie wrote:
I loved WSP so much that I’ve started it again.[/quote]

Me too! I am pairing it up with HRX too…mmmmm feel the burn!

Playboy and Mod Laurie,
I’m curious to know about your results from the WSP.


Let’s hear the results!

I’m not sure if I’m the best to answer, since there were a few phases in which I skipped some days, that being said I think I got some excellent results. It was the first cutting program I’ve ever done, and I think if I would have been 100% serious with it my results would have been tremendous. Plus I loved the carido one day, weights the next format

Did anyone do a spreadsheet for the entire WSP program?

yes, I’m looking to make my life easy and copy someone else’s work.


Are you the guy that used to sit next to me in Math and cheat off my paper?

I would love to have that spreadsheet also…

Glad to hear you got great results even though you didn’t follow it 100%. That says quite a bit about the effectiveness of the program. Why don’t you do it again like Mod Laurie is doing and really follow it 100% and see what that does for you?


Along with Joel Marion’s Cheater’s Diet, I lost over 2 inches from my waist, gained some strength and improved my endurance.

It was a great program and I have switched to 10x3 For Fat Loss before I decide to move on to something else.

I did an excel spreadsheet of the workouts. Feel free to PM me for the full WSP program.