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Life After University...


is university really the best four years of your life?




Not for me. I had a great time, but I've enjoyed my "career years" much more


It depends. Are you getting a good paying job? Never underestimate the awesomeness of not being broke.


You will never again have so much freedom and so little responsibility.


I guess that would depend on what you did before going there and what you plan on doing after.


No...They were great years and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I worked two jobs and carried a full schedule to graduate in 4 years. I lived on my own but I didn't have much freedom really. I drank and did the whole being wild thing too. But after I graduated and started working at my career, working 40 hours per week was a cake walk. That's when I really had some fun. Plus I had money to spend on booze and chicks. :slight_smile: Now those were some good years.


God I hope not.


x2. I didn't even party much in college, but I would stay in it forever if I could.

Gov't gives you money (sucks to pay back though).

If I had partied more (wish I had), I would be even more about it all.


Im an undergraduate student at the moment. And it just plainly sucks. Too much work to do, too many assignments, no time to freaking hang out with friends. The only thing that's keeping me from going insane is the gym. If you're going to enroll into a 4 year engineering course, make sure you are prepared to become a 'no lifer' at one point. I forgot the last time I went to ave a drink with my mates...


Only if you choose for them to be.


First year right now, and it's possibly the worst year of my life... I'm doing so many essays that I can't even stand it.

Changing my major for sure.


Wait...college is hard?


grad school > undergrad

I enjoy my life much more as a graduate student, not that undergrad wasn't fun. I just don't have to take bullshit classes anymore. Oh, and less actual work to do--all I really do is play my guitar and teach little kids guitar. Awesome.




wish I kinda did the whole experience, but I graduated highschool, been graduated for over a year now..I'm 19 but I don't have regerts. I'm not goin to anymore schooling, it's not my thing really i have many other ambitions to pursue, I kinda have a life but many responsibilites.




Have fun being poor homes.
Ur nothing without education, I don't care what 'angle,' you hit it at.


The thing that sucks about schooling is that there is never time to relax until summer time. In most careers, when you get home at dinner time, you can forget about your job.


Hmm wait a sec. English isn't my first language so uh, let me rephrase that.

Although I do have other qualifications (A freaking 4 year course to get a diploma in industrial electronics - THE toughest diploma in our country etc etc). I am currently doing an HND in electrical and electronics engineering (I'm in first year out of 2 years).

All assignments until now have been achieved as 'distinction' level. But bloody hell to get freaking distinctions one has to practically elaborate on assignments all freaking time...hence the lack of time to go out etc.

Then a further 'top up' year (or two...my institute is still making arrangements) will lead to an accredited Bsc. (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.