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Life After the Diet


Hey everyone!

I have written some posts in this forum asking about the diet plan. So, now my diet is about to finish cause there is only one kilo to the weight goal!

Unfortunately some addiction to sport and not in positive way. Training was like this:
Monday: gym (lower body pump) & 1-hour-walk
Tuesday: gym (upper body pump) & 1-hour-walk
Wednesday: running for 40 minutes & jumps etc.
Thursday: gym (lower body hard) & 1-hour-walk
Friday: gym (upper body hard) & 1-hour-walk
Saturday: running for 40 minutes & jumps AND 1-hour-walk
Sunday: dancing for 60 minutes & 1-hour-walk

So the point was I didn't enjoy doing sport at all. The muscles haven't recovered. But I think more I train more I lose weight.

Now I have done my decision and need some support. I HAD TO cut my walkings. So, 4 times a week gym, 1 free day, 1 running and one aerobic training (some walk, any ideas?). Is that enought to maintain the weight I have got?

Then some nutrions questions:
My diet has been pretty hard and I haven't eaten much. Now, I want to MAINTAIN my weight - not get more muscle or something. Just be in a good shape. :slight_smile: How much is good to increse energy per day/week?



How much do you weigh? How tall are you?

How much are you eating daily? (Keep a food log for a typical day or two) You may be surprised at how little you're actually eating.

Chances are, you'll have to increase your calories for your energy back.


My weight is 51 kilos and height 162,5 centimeters. I eat less than 1000 cals per day. Tuna, chicken, vegetables and cottage cheese, mostly.


OMG less than 1000 a day??! (And here I'm starving on 2900 -lol). My first concern would be how your system is going to react when you reintroduce more cals, and how your insulin will spike if you plan on beinging some carbs back into the picture. Any changes you do will have to be gradual, or else you're looking at some serious rebound issues.



Holy shit.
Holy fucking shit.

1000 calories?? Even if you are 5'3.. With that much volume of exercise? There is only so much exercise you can do, and so much you can drop calories.. your metabolism slows to a crawl. You can't burn both ends of the candle!

I would scale back the volume and start upping calories. I am guessing your workouts suck. Of course you don't enjoy your sport. You are running yourself into the ground. Try less volume, heavier lifting, and heavier eating!


1) you're on the wrong site

2) try 2000 instead of 1000


I know this has been DEFINITELY said already but:
HOLY FUCKING SHIT 1000 cal /day AND you exercise?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Gradually up your calorie intake and cut down your "jumping around." you can definitely afford to gain about 3 more kilos w/o even thinking about it.

As far as your "sports"- find something that you like and stick with it.
I'm assuming you live in Europe. If so, where?

If you're gonna try to keep up on your 1000 cal/day regime for a bit longer,I'm more than sure you're going to end up like this one:


My pinkie eats 1000 calories a day. Wow.