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Life After Squats

This is exactly what I’m saying. I’ve seen people who can dunk that are bigger than me but can’t squat 225lbs. I believe that if I lower my explosive strength deficit to as low as possible, increase my strength, do it again, then i could get explosive.

Ben Bruno had an article on here about squatting with back and knee pain. The gist was using a box and chains or reverse bands (as well as frien dlier variations like @Chris_Colucci mentioned) helps in the riskiest positions. I’ve had a couple back and knee surgeries, and definitely agree.

This whole thread is rediculous.

You’re 17. You got injured. You freaked out. You were told to quit squatting.

Heard this 1000 times.

You will heal. You will squat again.

Back injuries heal almost all the time. Some take longer than others. Facet joint injuries and herniations/bulges can take upwards of a year, or longer, to completely heal.

You will heal. You will squat again.

I’ve had back problems since September 2016.

What have you done to help it heal?

What’s your preventative maintenance?

I said a year OR longer for complete healing. But if you’ve done nothing to strengthen supporting muscluture and also look at APT and other gait issues, you’re going to continue to be chronic.

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Well that makes complete sense now. I just started PT about 2 weeks ago; I finally got an MRI in Nov 2017. Its been getting better.

What do you think of epidural steroid injections?

I think it’s far and beyond excessive, unless your inflamation/pain is so bad you cant cope with life.

Oh ok, I was wondering.

Okay. I skimmed his site and disagree with some of his points, but if you have a plan to follow, then follow it and see where it takes you.

Structured programming is what you need for now, coming from what you were doing. Finding good structured programming that gets you closer to your goal would be the the next step.

All the overanalysis tracking milliseconds of foot contact speed is unnecessary, bordering on jargon just for the sake of sounding smart. It’s not as simple as “snatches have longer foot contact, so they’re inferior for building explosiveness”. But, again, whatever. Follow the guy’s plan for a month or two and then assess where you are and how you’re doing.

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Been doing some jumping reps, trying to get 70-100 max jump attempts per week. Combined with sprints but this week has been chilly in general weather wise.

Vertical shot up a good inch or two this week alone, I grabbed the rim at my gym two handed, which is a bit higher than 10 feet.

Use a prowler sled if you have access to one. If not, they’re easy enough to build or fairly inexpensive.

prowlers are like 300+ dollars. what are you talking about? You know this kid is 17, right? I also highly doubt he has the means to build a sled. Nor a place to store one or use it.