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Life After One Lift a Day?


I am coming up on the end of my 8 week One Lift a Day program with great progress (broke all my PRs).

After the rest week....whats next? High volume, moderate weights? This program took a toll on my joints and I would like to give them a bit of rest but not lose my newly gained strength.

Any ideas?


one lift a day seems like a real dumb training protocol to me.... unless you're a total noob to training. it's not enough work to get serious gains. anyone with an even moderate level of conditioning should be able to handle much much much more volume of training.


Y'ought to give it a try first, if you haven't.


read responses from anybody who's tried this. supposed to be pretty tough, the guy who made it talks about very few people going to school/work the day after squat day.


no thanks. i can handle more than one exercise a day, thanks.


Then you have no reason to be knocking the program. "It doesn't look like a good program and I'm not willing to try it" isn't a very convincing argument. I for one would take Danny John's training advice over yours any day.


The weird thing about strength training is that two entirely different programs can produce good results.

The one lift a day program is almost the opposite of a lot of programs, but it produces excellent strength gains.

I wouldn't recommend it for hypertrophy, but it is very good for getting stronger.


I was thinking the same thing till I started it. Day 1, dumbell press didnt seem that hard. Day 2 deadlift, IM starting to feel it it all over later in the day, and day 3 is parallel close grip sternum pullups. Today is day 4, off day and my body thanks me. Do the big lifts and do them hard and its hard to say that its just for beginners.


I am not here to argue if it works or not (which it does).

Just aksing what sort of program people found effective after the one lift a day?


I followed it up with hypertrophy work ala Waterbury type stuff.


good for you, but one lift a day is still a noob program for trainees with low levels of conditioning. for me, it would be a step backwards. i can tolerate much much much more volume than one lift a day.

did i say it was a shitty program? no. did i say it was for noobs? yes.


it's not good for getting stronger if you're advanced.


You do realize that the program could have you squatting for up to 45 minutes with short rest inverals?

Considering that the squat or deadlift if everyone's strongest lift - the volume is extremely high.


I haven't used OLAD so this is just a guess, but maybe try something like Cosgrove recommends where you vary the rep ranges (check out his articles). It should be easier on your joints, but still allow going heavy at times so you don't loose strength.

Congrats on the gains!


Can tolerate doesn't necessarily mean must/should do. Danny John never said anything about it being a newbie program. If you can offer up any evidence that it is, other than "because I said so and I can tolerate more work so it's a newbie program," then please do. Until then, your opinion isn't really worth much.


Again, if I had to pick which one of you actually knew what they were talking about, it sure as hell wouldn't be you.


He's obviously never tried it.



BAM! Well put. Anyone who claims they can't gain strength on OLAD (for ANY reason) doesn't have the experience to back up their opinion. He specifically pointed out strenght gains. If he had said hypertrophy, he could make a legit point, because there are likely better programs for short-term hypertrophy, particularly for advanced trainers. However, the fact that he specifically said strength, renders him as valid a source as my asshole to make comments.



I really like the idea of doing one lift a day, but its the rep schemes after the 1st week im not so sure about. I mean who wants to go to the gym, do just work 3 sets of 1 exercise and call it a day? And then you're supposed to take the 4th week off????


i currently do about 20-30-ish minutes of squatting with short rest intervals 2-3 times per week. i do mad volume and don't need to step backwards into a noobie problem.

is it a bad program? no. is it good for an advanced trainee? no.


do you really think i give a shit what you think about me? no.

one lift a day is hard? maybe for noobs. and don't think i'm one of those fools who goes into the gym and does 3 sets of 10 reps on bench with 1 plate.

and as far as volume tolerance, you should generally be doing as much volume as you can tolerate while still making strength and size gains. if performance begins to go down, back off a bit .

but one lift a day simply for the sake of being different and 'simple'? please.

i can make a walking workout hard too, go walk for 5 hours a day. just because you can do one exercise to exhaustion or do enough sets and reps to be 'hard' doesn't make it a good program for someone who already has a solid foundation.

why the fuck are you arguing with me anyways? it'sm not a good program for anyone interested in serious strength and size gains with considerable lifting experience.