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Life After Guaranteed Muscle Mass (GMM)

Long time lurker, first time poster (from London)

27 years old. 85kg. Been lifting for over 6 years at a very dedicated level (mainly 5 days a week, but have dabbled in 4 day and 6 days a week routines at times).

The majority of my training has been PHAT By Layne Norton as I liked the idea of strength and hypertrophy. I love the dedication of gym as I’m a naturally active person. Some lifts (no belts, straps. Just raw) . Squats 140kg*5 (could probably go higher)/deadlift 200kgx1/bench (not tested my 1rm) but can do 120kg for 3reps/ shoulder dumbbell press 40kgx12.

Enough foreplay.

I’ve been doing GMM for about 24 weeks. Usually deload about every 4th week. Seen decent improvements in my numbers. I’ve liked the low volume but high intensity format. I’ve had to scale back on bench and shoulder press by 10% in recent times due to sticking points (didn’t progress on the lift (rep wise) for 3 weeks).

Although I intend to continue this routine for a month or two more I like preparing myself well in advance for any possible changes by reading the trainers methodology so that I can really buy into a routine. That being said, are there any quality routines you guys could recommend that are similar to GMM. Similar meaning getting stronger in rep ranges. More scaled towards bodybuilding but also putting weight on the bar.

Longer post than I intended. I await any probing questions

I am on GMM myself, started only abouth month ago.
How was your progress physique/aesthetics wise, as I understood body building is your goal(also)?

And maybe stating your goal in this phase of your lifting life can help other people suggest appropriate routine for you.

I’ve not seen DRASTIC changes but I wasn’t expecting that being 6+ years into my journey. But I feel and look more vascular and fuller when looking in the mirror.

Sorry I thought I stated my goal clearly in my first post - become stronger in the rep ranges (find something similar to GMM)

Aha ok, sorry then :slight_smile: