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Life After Death


essentially people are just a cardio-vascular system, organs, and neurons

we think we're all unique because of memory system short/working/long term and also the genes that we carry

my point is that i think everyone always lives in the sense that the editorial 'you' not the actual 'you' will live again through another body not necessarily human and not necessarily this planet but you will live again

i dont believe in a soul or any of that stuff, thats not what im talking about. im talking about so long as there is life someone has to inhabit it in the sense of working memory, neural activity, etc i dont mean that you have some thing that jumps from body to body 'inhabiting'.

you won't have any recollections of past lives, there are no 'past lives' there is no karma food chain so to speak. i guess the best way to sum it up is that there will always be cognition. through new life comes new cognition and through new cognition comes actualization.


Well...yeah, your carbon atoms have to go somewhere.


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edit: oh your not talking about atoms. in that case...shit hells I know.


Mind explodes

Jokes aside, I believe that something akin to what you have described does exist. By that I mean that the "conscious" and the "body" are tied together while we are living. As to what that tie is, I have no clue. However, once that tie is broken, the body is no longer attached to the "conscious" and we, as beings, are no longer tied to physical limitations (injury, aging, physical barriers like space, 3 dimensional reality, etc.)

In my mind, that energy/force/conscious has to be preserved. Being a Christian myself, I kind of take what you said analogous with having what we call a soul. I'm not trying to bring up any religious argument or whatnot, just a correlation. Where that soul/conscious goes afterwards is up to speculation... or belief as in my case.
OR nomorewar is right. FUCK.


I don't know if there is a next or not. I do know I'm not taking any chances, I'm going to have as much fun as possible and live as long as possible. If something happens after death it all a bonus.


How about this...The body and brain run electrical energy. Who's to say that in the future one cannot backup your brain on a hard drive. Then take these memories and knowledge and download it into a new body. Or better yet, what if the hard drive acted like a brain and gained awareness, then no need for a body and you can live forever.


it has nothing to with religion. and what i'm saying is different...

it isnt that your 'connection' goes anywhere because that doesnt add up, theres an unknowable amount of life created/lost everyday and not just on this planet.

therefore it isnt that you are transfered, its just that with new life comes new cognition which brings new actualization ("i think therefore i am") so every life is completely new and thats why i dont believe in karma/becoming different animals/beings. its as simple as every new life is a new life. therefore as long as there is life someone has to 'live' as long as someone has to live you are potentially alive. so as i see, hear, touch and think, i will do so again although it will be in a different life which is not in any way directly to the life i have now, it isnt 'me' that inherits new life but the new life creates a new 'me'.

word to your mother. it may be a lot to for some of you to understand as its hard to word this theory but its actually really simple.


thats not what im talking about....

theres no fucking parallel universe you go to when you die where people jump on clouds and everyone is happy. sheesh


...Matrix did it


No, the matrix controlled consciousness and what and how they perceived things. The humans were given a fake reality and used as a fuel source. How the computers AI gained awareness, i dunno.

I'm saying that your brain is 'like' and organic hard drive that runs on electrical impulses. If an actual HHD could back it up and gain awareness, is the question. There is actually going to be a should about it sometime this week on one of the discovery channels.


Essentially the Ghost in the Shell concept. I like it. GiTS is awesome, even the theory of it makes me wet.


well if thats true, why does microsoft suck so bad and why was GameBoy Color such a big deal?


What was it like before you were born? Thats what death is. Nothing, you do not exist. That is a hard pill to swallow which is why religion was created.


and the thread will now go to a different debate. Thank you, dipshit.


I don't get what you are trying to say, I believe when you die, you cease to exist, and that's it. What you are saying sounds like almost the same thing. You continue to live yet you are a completely different conciousness, with no past lives? Then how is that actually you and what is the point? When we die how does cognition continue to be cognition? Everything shuts down. How are we in any way contributing to a new beings cognition besides possibly becoming nutrients in the soil?


I don't remember much from before I was born. I remember swimming alot, and feeling a bit cramped, thus causing me to kick out of frustration. I didn't like getting poked in the head so much either...whatever that was. I also don't remember a whole lot from right after I was born, basically an entire two years after, but im pretty sure i existed.


there is a collective "soul" its called history. It is where we go when we die. We live on in memories. As far as, our rebirth , we return to the Earth to be born again. Not exactly as life but our atoms will no doubt be resent


Maybe you'll get reincarnated:


We die. we go see the big man upstairs, he tells us if we have been good enough to be with him, and if not we go to hell. (my opinion, not looking for a debate on it)