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Life After Complexes



I have been getting great results with the 6 weeks to superhero method both in mass and leanness.

6 weeks on I now feel like i have to change things up a bit, Would it be wise to keep on doing the same style training with different complexes or shoud I do a different style of training for some time before going back to this program?




I was kind of wondering this myself. I'm on week 4 and I foresee myself continuing another six weeks. Honestly, I think this method may take me through the summer season at least. I was using HPM for 3 phases and saw great results and I think this was a good transition.

For me I think the real question is how to I incorporate this method with some of CT's other methods without "Frankensteining" anything. Reason being, this split of Shoulders / Squating and Chest / Deadlifting has actually worked better for me than the HPM split. I actually got a compliment this morning on how much bigger I'm looking lately. Sure I've gained some size but my shoulder strength has really improved.

CT said these complexes were more body composition oriented, so I'm really hoping he comes out with a more strength oriented Complex methodology.


I would have to say it depends on your overall goals. Based on what I've read it seems like this workout is designed to help you burn fat while keeping your muscle (maybe even buidling some in the progress) I am currenlty doing this workout as well and I plan on doing this for as long as it takes for me to see the results I am after.


I've found it best to milk a program for all it's worth. If it's producing results, ride the wave and keep on it. Once results stop, it's time to switch. Don't get hung up on the fact it's been 6 weeks.


Agree . . . quality over quantity ALWAYS . . . No reason to "fix" something that works. Only change things up when you plateau or adapt to the cycle too much--perhaps from a nutrition or training perspective. Just do what works best for YOU!


At the risk of sounding like I'm "Frankensteining," I've adopted a weekly routine that's still geared toward work capacity but also oriented toward building strength:

MON: Lower Body Strength Clusters
TUES: Upper Body Complex
WED: NC/Olympic lifting
THU: Lower Body Complex
FRI: Upper Body Strength Clusters
SAT: Back & Biceps

I've lost about 15 lbs of fat while adding 40 lbs to my back squat, so I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds. Sticking with it until I'm no longer making progress.


Always squeeze as much juice out of a program as you can. You'll learn how your body reacts and adapts. When you start from scratch with something every 6 weeks, you'll have a harder time being able to tell what is causing or impeding progress. KISS.


I realize that I've only been following this for 9 weeks but I can honestly see me doing this or a variation of this for a very long time. This methodology is very flexible and can be adjusted to work through any plateau I believe. We'll see.