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Life Advice (Am I Nuts?)


Life is stale, I don't know where i'm going, and just starting to discover myself. I own a small business and i'm 19, I fuckin hate it now....I don't want stress at my age.

I want to pick up and just go somewhere, pick somewhere on the globe and just.....go. I would live off my own chops for a bit, have a VERY rudimentary life, this could last for a month to a year. I don't want to have anything to do with life, but living it and gettin by....Does anyone have any advice on just heading out and conquering the world by yourself, with no travelling companion, where would you go, what would you do for income....what about life, can someone shed some light on my lack of satisfaction right now....


pick up and go to the GYM.


Ultimately you have to do what you have to do.

But personally I advise against just picking up and leaving.

Time is a precious commodity that can never be reclaimed once it passes.

While I understand you are young and taking a break may be good for every body I might also point out to you in my own experiance its far better to work through the crap you might be experiancing now.

I have found it as cliche as it may seem all things pass and you may just need to recharge your batteries.

Far better to work hard now and save your money and later on in life you will have a far better cushion to fall back on if you want to chill for a while take a break and get back to it.

Just my own experiance for what its worth good luck to you.


Thank you I appreciate it.

But I need to point out there is nothing wrong with my life, I just don't enjoy what i'm doing which I was sure I did. This is fine with me because i'm 19 and I can afford to fuck up....It's just I need something, I can't just sit idley by and do nothing. But I can't put my finger on what to do......I really appreciate it. I just wanted you to know that there is no crisis in my life right now. It's just something I feel I should do.....I don't know.....It would be better if someone went with me....


When I turned 21 I bought a plane ticket to Mexico City and only had $100 to my name. Only knew a few people but had no contact with them. Got a job working with horses (thats what I did at the time). Ended up living there for 5 years and becoming a successful accomplished rider and had the best time of my life.

Your young live your life. Because in 10-15 years what do you want to look back and say? Also, obviously it's something you want to do. Just my 2 cents. Of course I am crazy and would pick up and go to the amazon tomorrow morning if someone asked me too. But now I am married with a kid and well I can't do it anymore. LOL. I even pondered buying a ticket to Bogata while in the airport in Mexico City once just for the hell of it instead of coming back to the US. So maybe I am not the best one to give advice on this one.


ughh do you want to go to the amazon tommorow???


LOL :wink:


I had a similar experience when I was 23.

I grabbed my Visa, walked into a travel office and bought a ticket to Europe (Octoberfest was going on in Germany) and a railpass. I was fortunate enough that my boss at the time was willing to hold my job for a few months, but I was prepared to quit if necessary.

All in all, I visited Munich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Valencia, Nice, Venice, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam. Okay...I liked Amsterdam...sue me. This was one of the best experiences of my life!

It ended up costing me just over $5000 CDN for the two months and I had it paid off within a year. I'm not saying you have to do it the same way. There are always little cash jobs you can pick up if you talk to people. Hostels are always looking for people to hang out at train stations and bring people in. Either that or you can wash dishes, pick fruit, whatever. I met plenty of Aussies that were doing this for at least a year. Sometimes I still hear from people I met on this trip 6 years ago.

Don't buy into that "save now for later" bit (no offence to the person who said it). You never know if there is going to be a "later". It'd be difficult to do this with a wife and kids.


Ok, this may not be what you're looking for...

But seriously, try to take up scuba diving. I dont know how much money you have, as it could get expensive. But its incredible. I had a thread about it a while back, with pictures, and I forget who, but they said "its nice to know theres a world that isnt concerned with traffic and cell phones." And its true.
Its like discovering a completely new world, and kinda puts into perspective that theres plenty more to look at.

Maybe a road trip by yourself?
My art teacher did that the summer she graduated college, all by herself. Drove from new york to california, and back. She said it was one of the most liberating things of her life.

Either way, man, good luck. You'll get shit sorted out soon.


When I was about 20 I quit my job, loaded my pick-up and drove to Nevada. I spent about 2 years working on a ranch just north of Elko. One of the best things I have ever done.
If youre going to take risk do it while youre young enough to recover from it.


Go out there and live and learn. Thats what keeps things interesting. Could be a very good growing and learning experience. Find out who you are.


I'm 34, and have had several episodes like you are experiencing. Maybe I got a touch of wanderlust more so than some, but I'm about to pick up yet again and live somewhere else, starting another business venture with lucrative possibilities.

Home is where you hang your hat, bro. Sure, I'll miss hanging out with the friends I've made here in Tallahassee in the past few years, but this just means I get to go make more somewhere else. I have never regretted the moves I've made, but it hasn't always been a piece of cake. No matter, just don't be a pussy.

Go get 'em!. :slightly_smiling:


i may have missed this, but what kind of business do you own?


Go for it! Before you start a career, a longterm relationship/marriage, buying a house, having kids, etc......before you're tied down, now is the time to discover the world! I remember being 18, 19 and having a ton of things offered to me and turning them down because I thought it wasn't safe, etc....but now I reget not going for it. You're a young adult/newbie adult, go for it, no regrets!! Good luck!!


And yes, you could very well grow quite a bit from venturing out into the world...that's an education in itself!


Start gambling. I'm not talking about those cheesy card games: the no-skill all luck poker games that are currently in vogue with the WPT and all that nonsense. I'm talking about a real man's game, something like craps or the slot machines.

Start going to casinos and dropping 100 dollar bills all over the place, tip the valet with a hundo, the dealers, the waiters, everyone. You will be perceived as a high roller in no time. Soon the casino will be kissing your ass, ladies will be coming out of the woodwork grabbing at your crotch, and you'll get comped for all kinds of free drinks, food, maybe even a hotel room or two.

You will be getting so much crazy boy-band ass you won't know what to do. The key is you have to act like you don't need the money. Also, if you play it right and have luck on your side you'll be cleaning house, winning all kinds of silly money through the slot machines and craps tables.

Man I wish I were in your shoes right now, you have the whole freaking world in front of you, hell, you got the world by the balls, now you just have to pinch them, or tickle them, or suck them, or anything you want to do with them; they are yours man.


Ill just say do it bro. Im living it.

I did the Highschool thing graduated with honors. Then decided no to college from their did the life thing for 4 years and hell did fine. then back to college. 8 years later now an two degress including a Masters last december I sold everything I own, got a visa for one year to Thailand and am just making my best of if.

Worst that can happen is well I die LOL but really go broke and what go back to the states or somewhere. Right now im just getting by on what I really need food a place to lay my head etc. Doing my art and kind of loolking for work but taking some damn time to relax first.

Like others said life in and of itself is a hell of a journey or can be depends the route you take. Its an education in and of itself.

Really its to easy to do to just go. All it really take is a little cash and the balls to do it. You can survive anywhere. Work anywhere. Its about priorities and for me knowing what I love and want to enjoy now is LIFE not money in and of itself. Hell I enjoy things like going to explore caves (free) climb a waterfall (free) to the the ocean here and live it up with the Ladies (FREE).

Go for it. you only regret what you DONT do and you can always go back if it SUCKS thats my plan. Im 2 1/23 months in and not looking back yet. Took me all of a day to get my Visa and plane ticket once I made up my mind.

If thailand is on your list give me a holler Ill give all the help I can



I think the whole man and his dog out in the country thing is slightly overrated - I would always try to combine it with some useful learning experience.

Teach English in China?

Volunteer somewhere?

Sign up with a foreign university - learn something while you're away.



I hear the hookers there are quite reasonable priced. Can you speak to us from experience about that whole scene? Please be as graphic as possible; give poor X-Factor some incentive to check out Thailand.


Just go. Tie down as much stuff as possibly so you don't come back in a few years and kick yourself for not sorting things out, but just go. The entire part of the experience that makes it worthwhile is going knowing nobody and seeing where it gets you.