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Lies... Or are there some huge people here

Goldberg, I wouldn’t let that bother me. You have a made a shit load of progress and most who have something negative to say about the development of others rarely have the nuts to post their own picture on the net unless they steal one from someone else’s web site. True lifters know so don’t let it get to you. Just keep doing what you are because it is obviously working for you.

Yes, we are all HUGE. Sorry, but if you want to post again Chuck you are required to put on about 20 lbs. of muscle before coming back. Then we may concider you an “Associate” member. Only really big people with nobody fat are allowed on this board damn it. This is so we can bash each others religious beleifs on a regular basis with out having to discuss lifting…It gets in the way of our more phlisophically enlightening pursuits. Didn’t you get the application?

Right on Bro! Great pic, that took guts! After seeing it, I now know who you and Patricia are (by her pic in the reader mail). I sent a post that I think we should all provide a link with some pics to lend some credibility to who we are, and to put faces to the names. For some reason the Mod chose not to post it, hmmm. Oh well here is my link, although I am certainly not the biggest mutha on here, I challenge everyone on the forum to do the same. Not for an open door to criticize, but for the rest of us to see whom we are talking with and taking advice from. I tend to feel on ANY internet forum there are a few exaggerators, and this will validate some of the claims on the forum. Good on ya Goldberg!


Nice thigh and back development. Keep it up, bro!

No need to get pissed at people you’ll never see. You had the balls to post a photo and you obviously know what you’re doing. People rip Ronnie Coleman for his distended abdomen. Nobody is above a little criticism or good natured ribbing in this case. Calm down, big guy!

Thanks Bro! You know I always have people ask me about my legs, sure wish I could get the same growth out of my arms. Funny thing is that most people who ask me about my legs have some damn big arms! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side huh? I have lanky arms that look fine from the side and skinny from the front. I have recently changed my training by only working arms every other workout cycle, with the thought that maybe I have been too focused on them for years now and overtraining them. Enough arms ranting. Thanks for the kind words Vin. I just hope more folks post their pics, especially those poking fun of Goldberg. Time to put up or shut up.

Oh yeah nate dog and the rest of you guys, I am 6 foot 462 pounds at 1.25% body fat! WHo’s the big man now nate dogg! Haha Im just kidding you all.
Honestly I have to say this post has turned out to be pretty ridiculous. I think Goldberg is the real man on this post. I give you props for beign a man and posting your shit. Atta Boy! But seriously you guys are all being so childish baggin on eachother. wirst off who cares if other people are talkign themselves up on an internet message board. Second I fyou feel the need to lie on a forum like this to make yourself feel better then you got some serious issues that need hammering out on your own. I suggest some self help books on being a lying ass bitch with no self esteem. Ha!

I really wasnt referring to you in my rant. I actually laughed at what you put. It was the others that pissed me off.

I suggest Mr. Goldberg grows some hair (does not have to be much) and remove his goatee. It is becoming very mullet like in its over exposed tredy-ness.

I heard that. Ive been shaving my head for six years now and it pisses me off to see so many people doing it.

Goldberg, you are a big dude. That is some good development. And JS too. I think the only thing missing from you dude is a tan. Then you’d be mackin all the chicks. Cool pic of you with the F-16 too. And Nate, damn, that sure is some fucking growth spurt. Weren’t you like 5’10 or some shit? Now your 6’5? hahahah good one bro.

What are you talking about? I am tan, you should see me when I am pale!!! Just kidding. Hehe, pale skin is healthy skin right? Ok I could use a little sun. You like that F-16 huh? I worked that mutha over. Thanks for the kind words Bro. I am just waiting to see all the other people now. I really thought more people would get in on it, guess I was wrong.

Good idea about posting our pictures. However, some of us are regular contributors to the steroid section of this board, so for obvious reasons we can’t do that.

I can appreciate that Bro! Kinda makes me sad, wish I could add some of the good stuff to my diet. :frowning:

speakin of monsters, i watched worlds strongest man the other day, and most of the guys were 6’5 ~350 with definition between their shoulders and biceps (which means they may not be shreded but are far from fat).

I seem to remember someone saying they gained 100 pounds in a year. LOL

I agree with you man. One it takes big balls to put your pic up. Two people have to remember that these are not retouched pics taken by a professional photographer with professional equipment and Goldie wasn’t in contest shape(and wasn’t trying to be). You may be bigger than me but I’m prettier. Braahahahha. :slight_smile:

Go Goldie!

Just thought I'd throw that in....Patricia ;-) (anyone else got the cajones to post THEIR picture?)

you may be prettier but im sexier.

Fine Nkeago is prettier and Goldberg is sexier but I’ve got the biggest dick that stays hard for hours and I could drop a load the size of a pint. Makes any girl look like a glazed doughnut. Oh yeah! And my dad can beat up your dad :wink: