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Lies... Or are there some huge people here

Ive been a t-mag fan since Poliquins early max lift article, WAY BACK. But there are some monsters or some liers on this board. One guy recently listed himself as 6ft, 260 at 9% bodyfat. That means shredded to teh absolute bone he’s 234. Does this seem a little off to anyone else, lets try to keep our stats in line with reality or post a picture to prove yourself… Chuck

Fuck that stupid shit. What if someone patiently trains & diets hard for 15-20 years?! I guess he’d be 6’ & 260 @ 9% & have some small-minded ass saying he’s on drugs. Of course there might be some liars just because nobody has to back anything up on an internet forum. I’ve got a feeling that whether or not that guy passes a legit drug test doesn’t matter, you’ll assume that he’s on drugs anyway because like most other people, you’re just jealous & ignorant.

I remember that thread. Yes, some people were just joking on there and trying to top each other. I think someone else said they weighed 300 and had 3% bodyfat. Of course, some of those numbers weren’t impossible, but very elite.

And I get gripes about my posts? (LOL)

students.colstate.edu/floyd_robert1. this is when i was fatter. ive lost about ten lbs of fat since then. i weigh 226 now.

I do think some people exagerate their stats and lifts sometimes. If somebody is 6’0,260 at 9% than they would have to be juicing or just a 1 and a billion freak.

When did the original poster mention the use of drugs? This little crusade of yours has managed to brainwash you to a point where you arent even listening to what people are saying.

No offence Goldberg, but the poster was refering to people claiming they are BIG GUYS. :wink:

That picture must have been taken a long time ago. Look at him now when you watch WWF, he became a pretty big guy.

I could never get down to 9% body fat.

My cock alone contains enough to keep me over 12.

I’m 6’1", 275 @ 6%bodyfat tested by dexascan. My penis is 17 inches (soft) and my balls are the size of ostrich eggs. My girlfriend looks like Dark Angel and… Sorry, gotta go. My mom needs to use her computer.

I’ve seen two photos so far: a real good one of Patricia and…one of Goldberg. You’ve got mass, but a side chest pose? That may have not been in your best interest at the time.

were you the one that posted that you were 260 at 9% bodyfat?
cause in that picture you look about 220 at 20% bodyfat.

Ok. whatever that means.

Rippin’, Rippin’, Rippin’, Everybody seems to be jumping onto Goldie because he had the balls to post his pic. Actually, I think he looks damn good, and considering he’s lost 10 since probably even better now. So howsabout everybody shut the fuck up and worry about themselves, eh? Or hey, you can worry about me too 5’6, 167, I’d say about 10-11% BF. Let us bask in the glow of my stats now.

MBE: “Rated # 1 in Consumer Digest’s Village Idiot edition Since 1981.”


Uh, no. In that picture i was 12 or 13% and i was every bit of 240. my legs, which you cant really see in that picture, are fairly large. I posted that picture because of all the ones we took that day that one was the only one that turned out decent. damn there are some people on this board who like to bust on the way other people look. I may say some shit about how stupid someone is, but not about the progress theyve made. Thats pretty lowdown. Especially when you dont post your name with. Anonymous posts are for pussies. If you wanna talk shit about the way someone looks, you need to put a picture of yourself up. I think ive done pretty good for someone whos never seen an anabolic steroid in person before and who can only afford protein and creatine.

I was about to post another picture but i decided not to. Fuck all you who talk shit about the way people look. Dont say shit about someone else unless your willing to put yours up too.

He has the balls to post his picture. To all who criticize him, post your own picture and if you are bigger, or have better proportions and muscular development then you can give him some advice. Until then just shut up skinny pussy boys.

I agree with the goldman on this one. Lets see a picture of you Chuckie baby. Put up or shut up. Fuck em Goldman

I’m big, and I’m all natural. That’s right! Nate Dogg has been going through a growth spurt of late. I’m up to 6’5" and 325 lbs at 2.8 percent bodyfat. Who’s the BIG DOGG now?