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Lieben -VS- Silva


O.K. Who here DIDN'T see Chris Lieben geting his head caved in by Anderson Silva?? Silva's got one of the best stand-up games at 185, and i predict that within 6 months he's middleweight champ. The whole thing with Rogan acting like Silva hadn't fought real competition because he fought in Japan was laughable, and to a real MMA fan totaly insulting.



Haha, Leben looked like a three year old fighting an adult in that fight. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I saw a fighter so completely outclassed.


Well, I didn't see it, but it sounds like fun, so I wish I had...


I was thinking "hey leben if japs are so easy, why dont u go become champ over there"

I called silva by knee in the first minute


That dude's hands/shins/knees were nasty. Leben has a good chin and he was just getting his shit pushed in.

Very surprising. I don't see Silva beating Rich Franklin though. =)


That fight was just funny. Especially since Lieben said "I'm a dump truck, I just keep comin'." I couldn't figure out how that was supposed to be a metaphor for being tough. Maybe tank, maybe train, but dump truck?

Was it Joe who said there wasn't any real competition in Japan? I didn't catch that, I just caught Lieben saying that.



Leben was always just flat out too slow, and not as much of a technical and talented striker. It was as if Leben was moving in slow-motion.

I also never got the Leben appeal, I mean he is a good fighter, but a great a legend? I doubt it, his talk is far too wide and out there and it always comes back to haunt him. He lost twice on the TUF television and he often says ridiculous things, like even suggesting that the competition in Japan is weak.

Iron chin, got shattered.


did you see potty-pants koschek cheering in the audience ?


Or maybe saying he's like peter north would have been more fitting.


He definitely got his ass handed to him. Who did Sliva fight with before, Pride?


It was Leben made that comment. Joe was excited to see Silva fight due to his skills. I rather watch Pride, better fighters. Imagine if Fedor or Crocop fight in UFC.


These TUF guys are mediocre at best. Who really thought Leben had a chance?

Silva is a Chute Boxe product. He wasn't their best talent. Silva also was not the best in Pride. Silva is a polished fighter, with experience and a good record against top opposition.

This Leben talks too much also. He wouldn't win in Shooto much less Pride.


Silva is damn good, but don't go handing him the middleweight crown just because he knocked out an untested Leben...I would like to see him fight Franklin, but I still think Franklin is good enough to beat him...too polished, too conditioned, and too well-rounded.


some catch-up

Rogan - He had some things to say about the Japanese competition. The whole "Welcome to the UFC" line was irritating. I understand they think the UFC is the best, but they seem to be trying to inforce that with fans that don't know any better

Silva -vs- Franklin - I'm in no way giving the title to silva, i think that would be a great fight. For some reason I see Silva winning the match. His Thai is excelent adn his BJJ is good as well. He's been training with BTT and the Nogs, so you know he's learned quite a bit there.



Silva is a better striker than Franklin. Franklin's best chance is to take Silva down. Franklin is bigger and stronger it seems. Silva does train with Minotauro so his ground should be pretty good.
I think it will be a good test for Franklin if they meet. I think Franklin needs that fight.


Silva's got skills, but I don't know if I'm ready to say he can take Franklin. While Franklin has been succeptable to being knocked down (Shamrock, Tanner), he's shown the ability to recover quickly...plus, I think Franklin is a more well-rounded fighter than Silva.

I never bought Leben being a contender anyway so I wasn't that surprised by the outcome.


It is good the UFC does not allow stomps or knees to downed opponents. Leben would have gotten hurt.
It is also good for Franklin he does not have to deal with Silva's stomps. Franklin has not been at MW that long so he has much more to prove. At the higher weight Franklin was knocked out by Machida. Silva I think is a more polished striker than Machida. If Franklin can not get on top, it might go the way of Machida-Franklin.
I look forward to Silva-Franklin, if it comes to be.


I never understood the Leben appeal either.

Is it just me or did it look like Leben actually looked at the Ref when he was on the ground as if to say "are you gonna stop it?" That was funny!


Most of these TUF guys seem like piss poor athletes.

Some of the wrestler types seem to be athletes but the rest of them are regular slobs that happen to fight.


While I figured Silva would crush Leben, I was shocked at how it went down. I thought this would be a repeat of Franklin-Tanner II, with Silva playing the role of Franklin. I figured Leben's chin would keep him upright long enough for Silva to put on a clinic on lay a long and drawn out beating on him.

I was so surprised that I wonder if there wasn't something wrong with Leben. Anderson is a great technical striker, but he has never been known for having crazy power in his fists. Meanwhile, Leben has flat-out walked through some bombs landed by guys with huge KO power. Yet, on Wednesday night, the kid with the iron chin looked like was seriously rocked by the first JAB that hit him, and things only went downhill from there.