Lie Detector: SCAN Analysis

I am not sure if you’ll answer this but here goes.
SCAN Analysis testing the new lie detector method does any one know how to beat it?

Tell the truth?

Thanks smartass I;ll take that into consideration,
Now has anyone taken one or know about them?
The reason I ask is that I have heard of false positives with the original lie detector and know how to avoid them but what about this SCAN ?
Please someone give a serious answer don’t waste time on silly answers
Thanks in advance
P.S. T-Nation is the best knowledge base I know for an answer if you know of another please let me know

i don’t know about the SCAN test, but by believeing what you say you are likely to pass the test. what i mean is make yourself believe it, or reword the question aor answer in your head to fit your needs.

do you use drugs?
no i don’t(not in the last 2weeks)

Has anyone actually taken one?
Could you eplaon briefly the procedure

I’ve taken a standard polygraph in the past. What exactly would you like to know.

Oh and BTW…the advice to about hedging your answer inside your head in order to make yourself believe it won’t work very well. The questions aren’t phrased that way.