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Lide Extension Products & New Book

I have got 2 questions:1). What you guys think about Life Extension products, especially about Life Extension Mix Tablets or Caps? 2) Has anybody read the new Poliquin’s book “Winning arms race”,any opinion about it?

I’ve heard the LEF vitamins are good, but a lot of their other products look like crap. Velvet deer antler, DHEA, chromium, soy protein etc. They carry alot of mumbo jumbo, overrated supplements, in other words. They do sell a capsule making machine though!

Do you mean “Life Extension” or “Life Enhancement”? If you mean Life Enhancement, beyond a doubt they make the best multi-vitamin in the business, as well as some of the best anti-aging supplements and memory agents on the market. I highly suggest Bioenhance DNAble, SleepTight, and CereboPlex.

Thanks racer and TEK, I really appreciate your help.Take care bros, be safe.

The Life Extension Foundation is a great place from which to order vitamins. I notice a 3-5% cognitive increase when I take their PC-Ginko. (I measure this by GPA and test scores). I’ve used their multivitamin, which I also think is great. I do, however, alternate their Life Extension Mix with Super Nutrition’s Opti-Pak.

By the way, Life Extension magazine is really good - it has all the latest reserach in anti-aging. One great article dealt with homormal modulation. This issue was probably as good (dare I say better?) than anything I’ve seen at t-mag.