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Liddell vs. Couture At HW?


A strong source indicates to Bloody Elbow that Chuck Liddell is currently in negotiations to move to heavyweight in order to fight Randy Couture. The proposed fight would take place on June 13th in Cologne, Germany.


I can't say that I am all that excited for this one. We've seen this so many times now. I think both of these guys still have drawing power, but not against each other.

The problem here may be that the UFC does not want to risk one of these guys, presumably on the way out, beating one of their up-and-comers.

There are so many other exciting possibilities for these two, mostly Randy. This is a bit of a let-down.

Randy .vs any other LHW would be interesting.
Wandy - Maybe if he loses
Rampage - Maybe if he loses
Rashad - Maybe if he loses
T. Silva - Maybe if he loses
Franklin - probably not.
Griffin - maybe if he loses
Jardine - Don't see why not?
Machida - too risky
Shogun - maybe if he loses
Vera - why not?

The problem here may be just fitting him in somewhere.

Randy .vs Nog has to happen at the end of this tourney, win or lose. Too bad it won't. HW matchups that would be interesting.

Nog - too risky for UFC if Nog wins. Maybe happen if he loses.
Carwin - too risky for UFC
Dos Santos - too risky for UFC
Velasquez - too risky for UFC if they plan to keep him. Might happen if they plan to get rid of him, although then they would havd to put him on a main card.

Now that I think about it, I would probably prefer that Randy go to Affliction. At least we would see some interesting match-ups. My sense is that the UFC is not going to give us anything exciting for his last couple of fights. He'll probably end up fighting Coleman after Chuck.

Match-ups for Lidell are a bit more problematic, which is probably why this fight is going to happen.

Vera has not been that impressive in my mind. I would put vera in against Chuck. If vera stinks again, he's out. I would then put him in with the loser of some of the great 205 fights we have coming.

I would just hate to see Chuck lose again. Maybe that's why I am not all that excited about seeing him fight again.



My prayers to various war gods have been answered, at least I can save some money now since I don't have to buy fresh, sacrificial puppies every tuesday.



I really wish Joe and Dana would actually set up some decent fights THAT WE HAVEN'T SEEN 3 FUCKING TIMES ALREADY!

Not to mention if any given fighter fights more than twice a year it's a miracle.

The UFC is really starting to piss me off.




Good match up, it's a tough one. I would have to give the edge to chuck though.


I don't know Chuck doesn't seem like himself and Couture while not in his prime is better than he used to be (after he lost to Chuck the second time)


Meh. I have no desire to rehash a fight that has already occured 3 times when both were more in their prime as a fighter. I'm sure it will sell, though.


I'm more interested in Serra vs Hughes, when fighters hate each other its always more interesting and those two hate each other.


I'm with ya.


HW would make sense. Liddel usually cuts 20 pounds to make 205, and Couture weights in at 220-225 for HW. So they are close to same weight.


The only guys I'd want to see Randy fight are Fedor and Nog.


Couture isn't worthy of fighting either of them.


You don't think Couture/Nog would be entertaining?

This is fight I would most like to see Randy in. Probably end up being a boxing match and go to a decision.

Both guys have decent boxing but little in the way of KO power.

Nog would have an advantage on the ground but Randy should be able to keep it standing.

Randy would have the advantage in the clinch.


How so?


It's CA Law. He just likes to be different.

I could see making an argument against fighting Fedor, but Nog? What good reason is there for Couture not to fight him?


I don't think someone how washed out as a HW, beat a guy with a broken back and an unrated guy, before losing to someone who was 2-1 and had trained MMA for less than two years, deserves a shot at the #2 HW in the world.

Zuffa created the Randy Couture Myth. Somehow a 16-8 guy who washed out of HW and got KTFO 2X as a LWH before retiring, was top 5.

I don't believe in myths or fairy tales.


Randy beat Vitor when he was untouchable, Lidell when he was, and Tito in Tito's prime give the man some respect do i think Couture deserves a shot now, no. I actually think he could beat Nog (he almost lost to Herring)and 2-4 years ago would have done very well agianst Fedor.


If there's a fight i want to see any LESS, i really can't think of it.

This is called Dana White admitting he has the MMA world by the fucking balls.


I agree with CaLaw about the Couture-Myth. but I still want to see him get raped by fedor.


He still beat them. If he had lost, you would have an arguement here.

Very dishonest. This is not just "someone".

Who do you suggest Nog fight if he wins the next two?

If he loses either one then he will no longer be the #2 HW in the world. Would it be ok then?

Who should have been a head of him? Why?

Well, I guess you can just look at the numbers that make up a guys record, or you watch the fights and look a little deeper. Randy has had nothing but top competition since his 2nd fight in the UFC. Three of his losses where early in his career by submission. The other losses where to top HWs and the top LHW. Oh yeah, one by cut. The myth came from

Stopping Vitor when Vitor seemed unstoppable

Beating Maurice Smith when he seemed unstoppable

Beating Randleman, who at time was said to be a stronger and faster version of Randy.

Beating Pedro Rizzo twice after the UFC signed Rizzo to the largest contract at that time, thinking he was the future of the UFC. Even now $175k per fight is a big contract.

Beating Chuck when Chuck was knocking everyone out.

Beating Tito in his prime. Again, supposed to be younger and stronger version of Randy.

What if you didn't know what their records were? What if you had just watched their last couple of fights? Nog .vs Herring, Silvia. Randy .vs Silvia, Gonzaga, Lesnar. Do they really seem that unevenly matched? How?