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Liddell-Couture 3


I'm surprised no one has mentioned this around here yet. They're having their 3rd match-up tomorrow night, each having won once before.

Any thoughts-comments-predictions?

Couture is a phenomenal athlete, but I always feel the need to qualify that statement with the phrase 'for a guy his age.' Liddell always seems to bring plenty of intensity and aggression, and I think he can pull out another ko, probably in the later rounds.


I think Liddell is gonna take this one again. My reason is I think Couture is probably gun shy now. I think he's mental state is different now than before he got knocked out by Lidell. He won't be able to stick to his plan and calmly think on his feet (I'm not saying all this with confidence, it's all just loose speculation). But if the fight goes the distance, then I would actually give it to Couture, since then he will have enough time to adjust his mental state and regain his confidence. I respect fighter like Couture very much, hate to see him loose.

Hey Minotaur, since you're also in the New York City area, you know any bar or sports bar that show this fight?


Couture fought his fight in the first battle and destroyed Lidell. It wasn't even close!

I have a lot of respect for Lidell. I think he is an amazing fighter..

BUT he won't be winning on Saturday!

Couture got caught in the second fight with a good shot and it was over. I think this happened because he was a bit over confident coming off his first relatively easy win against Lidell.

Couture won't be over confident this time around. He will be back to his original game plan and that means Lidell loses.

It will either be a decision or referee stoppage in favor of Couture.

Do I get to brag if I'm right? Come on....


No, sorry man. I'm out here on Long Island, so I'm not to familiar with the city sports bar scene. With the popularity that the UFC is gaining recently (thanks to Spike TV and The Ultimate Fighter), I'd be a little surprised if you couldn't convince most sports bars to toss it on, though.


I'm leaning towards Couture. He looked slow against Van Arsdale but apparently he had a knee injury before that fight. If his knees are healthy (and maybe if he wears protective eyewear) I think he can win. Five rounds seems like a long time for those two to be going at it without someone stopping the fight, but I don't see him keeping Chuck on his back against the cage long enough to end it. Obviously Chuck can KO just about anybody but I think Randy will have a good strategy to minimize the heavy punches. I'm going with Randy by decision.

And just to stir up irrelevant shit...The Pit is affiliated with CrossFit.


You might want to call a bar named Barcelona; it's a small bar, but the walls are covered with flat screens and they have some cute bartenders who enjoy some lively discussion, and, according to them, occassionally dance on teh bar, with or without tops. I wathced some football there day after new years, I think it's somewhere around the theater district, 42md, 43rd something like that


Couldn't disagree with you more Minotaur. IMO, Couture is a far better athlete than Liddell...even at his age. As far as Liddell being aggressive, well, he is primarily a counter striker and in the past, Couture has been the aggressor (in both of their previous fights). I would also say that Couture is much more of a technical striker than Liddell. In their first fight, Couture clearly out boxed Liddell and the only reason he got caught in the second fight is because he got angry and started getting sloppy.

If Couture keeps his cool (unlike in their last fight after he got gouged in the eye), doesnt get caught trying to trade blows with Liddell...he'll probably win ...sometime after the second round.

If Liddel is going to win, I say he'll do it in the first or early in the second.


I really like Lidell and his unorthadox style. How many people do you know that can throw "quitters" on the run? Having said that I gotta go with Couture. He's just a much better overall fighter and I think he'll be a little more cautious in this one. This is gonna be a killer fight either way.


Sports bars showing UFC 57



I suppose that'd be only fair. But if you're wrong...?

LBRTRN, I'm not sure about that. You may have some valid points. I've just always been partial to Liddell, ever since the Tito Ortiz debacle. Either way, it'll definitely be an excellent fight to watch.


If this fight goes more than 2 rounds, I think Couture wins. Liddell will stick to his gameplan and go for the quick KO, but I don't think he has the endurance to keep up with Randy for 5 rounds, especially if Couture can take Liddell down to the mat a few times. Chuck's good at not staying down long, but I think in the end he will tire out and Couture will win by ref stoppage in the 4th round.

I can't wait to see this thing unfold tomorrow night. We're having a big party at the house of my boxing instructor.


Well..if I'm wrong I'm wrong. :slight_smile:




I don't think Randy was angry ... he was just trying to capitalize on an opportunity. He landed a pretty clean shot on Chuck immediately after the restart and figured it was a good opportunity to get the upper hand. Unfortunately, he chose to throw a haymaker rather than shoot in for the takedown, and when the haymaker missed it left his chin WIDE open.

Randy wont make the same mistake again. If he gets Chuck to back up against the fence, he'll go for the clinch/takedown rather than trying to KO the Iceman.

IMO, the Natural still has one great fight in him, and I expect him to bring his 'A' game for the rubber match. I'm seeing a 4th round TKO after Randy dumps him on his head for some good old fashioned ground and pound and Chuck is too gassed to stand back up.


Great minds think alike.


Don't get me wrong, I do like Liddell and I think he has a good chance of winning, I just think that if Couture fights to the best of his abilities, he will win. Liddel is a very unorthodox fighter who basically waits for his opponent to make a mistake. Of course, he's very good at capitalizing (just watch Liddell vs. Couture II) on mistakes, avoids take downs, and has a strong chin...which is a winning formula against most.

However, against a guy like Randy who 1)keeps his hands high, 2) doesn't tend to get sloppy when comming in, 3) throws clean straight punches, 4)can take down just about anyone, and 5) doesnt get gassed, Chuck doesnt stand much of a chance...that is if Randy sticks to his game plan (which is exactly what he didn't do in their second fight)...IMO of course.


Well, I can't be sure, it looked like he went from a controlled technical striker pre stoppage to a careless puncher throwing loopy hooks post stoppage. I'm pretty sure he actually admitted he got angry in a recent interview but either way, same outcome, a missed haymaker against a guy like Chuck = ktfo (WIDE open is a understatement)! I think he learned his lesson though...


you all honestly think liddell isn't going to be in top shape for a match like this? i think both fighters are great in their own right. but LIDDELL IS GOING TO WIN!!!! YAY! THE FIRST LIDDELL SUPPORTER!


I agree here. He took Liddell on his feet before, and thought he could do it again. This time I bet he fights smart (ie on the ground) and gives Liddell a good whooping.


I'm pulling for Couture, I've been a fan of his since his first fight with Belfort when everyone thought he was untouchable and Couture destroyed him. I want to see him go out on top.