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Licorice Root Dosing?

Well, after having read Charles Poliquin’s latest article, and noticing certain problems which seem to possibly describe me(wake up in the middle of the night on a regular basis, moderate-low T lately, trouble getting to sleep and waking up) and the solution he suggested being licorice root, I figured, hell, its 5 dollars for a bottle, I’ll give it a try(I know its supposed to be cream, but I couldn’t find any of the cream and am not sure where it would be applied anyway).

So, now I have a bottle of 100 450mg Licorice root capsules. Poliquin however did not go into details of whether this was something one got rid of like a cold and then could cease taking the root, or whether it was an ongoing required treatment. Also, the bottle suggests taking 3 caps, 3 times a day, and also cautions against longtime use. I’m hesitant to start a treatment regiment that will have me using up the bottle in 11 days, unless this is neccesary(15 dollars a month is not bad, but why waste?) especially if it is a level of dosage not recommended for long time use for some reason.

I know some have used this, since I’ve seen past posts, but, I havn’t found anything that quite addresses dosing.

Licorice can raise blood pressure so be careful.

I’ve heard about the blood pressure, but, thanks Thrasher.

I’ve never had an issue with high bp, and in fact its usually been slightly on the lower side of normal when I have it checked. I take in alot of potassium foods, and even sprinkle the stuff as a seasoning on my meat and in my porridge, while getting relatively minimal salt(not terribly low, but probably right around the RDA).