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licorice root cream

I was reading an old Charles Poliquin article on adrenal fatigue and noticed he recommends licorice root cream for athletes who have trouble waking up or getting going in the morning (probably everyone!). He says this is a sign of LOW cortisol levels. Does anyone know about this or other tonics?/


This stuff is a leftover from the “chronic fatigue syndrome” fad and Probably useless.


Mornings suck. I like coffee!

Licorice lowers testosterone levels. Plus, I don’t know why anyone would want to increase their cortisol levels. It sounds rather strange to me.

Low cortiso levels can be just as problematic as high cortisol levels. Try taking PS when your cortisol is low and you’ll know what I mean. People who are the opposite of the “wired” type(think the cartoon “Droopy”) are typical candidates for this.