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Licky Boom Boom Down


Puts on Cross Colors shirt, gets in time machine, goes back to 1993



Oh gawd ..

Angry Vader ..kill him, kill him now!



Already...stuck in my head!!!


There was something very strange about the mid-eighties to early nineties.


Back then people thought little kids could be gangsta





1991 was when I realized what a real man looks like.


My sister is a dance teacher and still plays that fucking song regularly. She has brain damage.


When was the last time anyone heard this one?



I never click on the links, because the music tells me to do bad things.



We like the cars.. the cars that go BOOM!


and this one

man.. I love the clothes haha!

Yah I got your boyfriend


Wow talk about time to let it go!


I'm having a total high school flashback!

I do think it's funny that Mark Wahlberg has done everything he can to distance himself from Marky Mark. Even he's embarrassed by it.


I shouldn't. It's not the Jedi way.


here is my pre 90's contrib

These guys were so cool everyone got in on there game! Don't forget your Raiders Jacket in 100 degree heat!

And the Originals

Gold Chains anyone?

And some 90's POP
Get your doc martins on


Hey... hey... HEY!

Leave Depeche Mode out of this.


The first time I have ever heard that I was in Ukraine.


O-Zone,Romanian boy band extraordinaire!

Seeing this performed and danced perfectly at karaoke, with completely serious facial expressions and everything, by friends of mine who'd been stationed in Japan and were home on leave... men... who were also bodybuilders, big guys.... PRICELESS. Funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

I had that Snow cd in junior high too. My dad hated it.


I love Snow. We played that song on the jukebox at the bar over the weekend.

This one takes me back: