Licensed by SNAC Systems

Has anyone ever heard of ‘Sports Science Research’? They have a version of ZMA that is suppose to be identical to Biotest’s version (which I am currently taking). The only problem is I dont live in the States, so when I order Biotest products I get hit with an additional pricey brokerage fee for ‘holding’ the package. This fee increases the price of the supplement by 50% (or greater). So I’m looking for another legitimate option.

I’d forget about that company.They’re cheap versions (perhaps rip offs) of other companies products.The owner of my old gym sold this stuff and said about the dealer raving about how great it was.Well,everyone found out quickly how shitty their products were.Look,you’ve never heard of them,yet they’re selling the same products cheaper than a larger company with MUCH larger buying power(Biotest),it’s obvious they suck.Stick with what you know,would you rather pay $25 for fillers,or $35 for the right product?

Kid, what do you mean, granted SNAC isn’t the biggest company out there but do you know that in order to sell ZMA like Biotest does they have to license the formula from SNAC ? I dont think quality is an issue with their ZMA anyway.

I wouldn’t worry about using another ZMA as long as its got the SNAC on its label. I have tried a couple of the companies other products and I got what I expected. There creatine and glutamine was just like every other I have tried. As far as quality I would not worry.

I believe they’re junk.I may be wrong,but I wouldn’t use it,and the owner of the gym knows that EVERYONE that bought the products complained they didn’t like it.

Also,I don’t know if you guys remember or not.A few years back people we selling HMB that was supposedly licensed by the ones who owned the patent,but it wasn’t,and they were selling junk.Just a thought!

I’m not talking about SNAC.I’m refering to the “Sports Science Research”.Sorry about the confusion.

So legitimate HMB is not junk?

No,sorry,it’s still pretty useless.Unless you’re rich and can afford about 10 grams a day

I was once invovled with a HMB study. I believe we tested 6 or 10 grams daily in weightlifters…the results after one month of consisten use…weight loss! not muscle gain!

Although I do support Biotest, I understand what it is to be on a budget. I suggest you try a few different brands and see what you like the best (and how it compares to Biotest). Also, make sure you keep your diet and supplement routine the SAME during your tests, otherwise how do you know what supplement is working for you? And as a side note, I know that this site wouldn’t be possible without Biotest, but there are reputable companies out there besides this one. (And as a side note.) I think that Biotest’s prohomones and tribulis are amoung the best on the market, but ZMA? How different can one brand be from another?

From what i’ve heard SSR was founded by the former head of Prolab (left to start his own company).

I’ve used some of there stuff and its good.

This question is a little off topic, but could you use ZMA (I use Biotest)continuously as like a vitamain, or will this decrease the effectiveness of it. I know that it’s a supplement, but I thought it worked by correcting a deficiency that most “athletic” people have.

Even if a ZMA product uses snac’s formula the company may use calcium which may decrease effeciency. EAS uses calcium in there product.

You say EAS ZMA has calcium in it? I just looked at the listed ingedients and it wasnt listed. How do you know its there? I’m not trying to be a prick, I’m just curious if you have another source.

It’s been a couple of months since I looked at the label, but it was dicalcium something. It may not be in the product anymore. If so I apologize.

Just looked at netrition’s web page, they showed the 120 cap bottle having calcium and the 240 cap bottle not having any. They must of reformulated some time in there.