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Libs Scared If They're Turning to This Stuff



Loving it. Absolutely loving it.


Speaking of places isn't she supposed to be in the kitchen makin sammiches?



She just called him an Uncle Tom, right?


Also, apparently she only likes her Negroes if they agree with her.

Why not just suggest that he got "uppity" and be done with it?

Also, there is no way she makes a decent sammich.


Always bringing race into things these liberals. Cain makes the right noises but he doesn't know enough about foreign policy. He made a major goof a few months ago that exposed his ignorance in this area. He seems to have some good ideas about tax reform though. If he followed the foreign policy advice of wise people, which he most likely would, he might be a reasonable leader of the free world. I get the Democrat line though; Cain is a house negro and Obama is not.


While i would NOT vote for Herman Cain , I do not think the base of the Republican party could either. The difference would be I don't believe the Republicans would put another black man in the White House. I don't think they will elect a man with a fake Jesus either :slight_smile:


Ah that entirely homogenous block of liberals, who all hold identical views exemplified by one poorly-performing TV channel.


Fair criticism. Okay, "big government socialist-liberals with the politically correct nonsense." Those people. I don't know what else to call them.


mediocrats ?


You forgot about those so called social conservatives with their moral and intellectual superiority complex nonsense


I wouldn't even call them liberals. They are politicians through and through. They've subscribed to a party and whatever ideological twists and shakes that party goes through they'll stick fast to it and spout the party line. Just like Fox News provides testing grounds for accusations, whether true or false, to be levelled against Obama and stoke debate, so MSNBC is trying out insults against Cain to see if they stick in the event he is the nominee. This has nothing to do with ideology. It's politicians being polticians.



It was an ideological attack but I agree with the thrust of your argument.