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Libs and Dems MUST Drive Yugos!


John Edwards recently told an enthusiastic audience that American must reduce their standard of living, one way being to give up our SUVs. Here's a MUST HEAR response...



John Edwards drives those new & improved Yugos ...called SUV's. Maybe John can lend me one I hear they're good on gas ...there are 4 of them parked outside his $3 million mansion.



starts at $37,000 and (according to the website) achieve 20mpg.

I think a soccer mom would fit nicely.


starts at $25,000 gets 26mpg and well... is a street legal rally dominating machine

WRX STi > Subaru
I'll be a dem for this one.

If only jeep made a sports car...



deja vu?



The category "not a SUV" encompasses quite a few more brands that just Yugos.

Yugos get lousy mileage for their sizes anyway.


Rea there any yuos left around?


Pope leads eco-friendly festival

The Catholic Church has declared Sunday "Save Creation Day" as Pope Benedict joined about 300,000 young Roman Catholics for an eco-friendly festival.



No, they stopped making cars. I think they make your keyboard now.


You'd think I'd know better than to open up an HH thread by now...


It´s like a box of chocolate.

You never know what you`re gonna get...