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Libido Suddenly Left

Hi guys,
Well first let me say that at the age of 70 years, I must be one of the oldest guys still pumping iron, albeit with more frequent tendon problems this past few years.
Have been on TRT on and off for past 20 years but have been consistently on 120mg test c for the past 4 years.

During this time I have experienced all of the benefits of TRT including a high libido…until that is, about 8 weeks ago when it dived to almost zero.
I have never been into cycles but I recently read that the body can and does, adjust to the extra testosterone when taken continuously, thus nullifying the positive effects.

Now I have also had a number of stressful incidents over the past few months, including the death of a loved one, and although I feel well able to cope with my life, I do wonder if stress could be another possible cause of my lost libido.
Any suggestions will be most welcome.

It could be your E2 crept up on you and with the added stress, lower libido. Do you have any lab work?

Just a thought since you mentioned sore tendons. I’m built a bit differently and I don’t have the range of motion some people do. If I use full range movements with decent weight I’ll get tendon and joint strains. To prevent these injuries I put most of my work into a range that doesn’t stretch my tendons or strain my joints. For instance if I go to my chest in bench press, I’m built in such a way that my shoulder joints will be strained, my scapulae pulled away from my back and I feel the only thing holding the weight is tendon and ligament. I’ll go low with say 135lbs but not 225. It’s not that I can’t but if I do I’ll have back and neck spasms for about 3 months, lose the ability to workout, and drop all my gains I worked for. This cycle occurred for about 10 years before I wised up and reduced the working range.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky and see if anything there is helpful. Note stress issues that can affect fT3 via rT3, part of a spectrum of issues associated with adrenal fatigue. There are many issues other than one’s T lab results.