Libido Still Off 6 Months After PCT, Blood Count Inc

@tn1989 did you ever get that sorted out? Finished up my cycle because I had 0 libido and weak erections, and am about 4 weeks off, still in the same boat.

Hello brother… I hope you are not in the same boat as me… Still haven’t figured this out… But my problem could be different than yours… If you were having issues while on cycle maybe your e2 went high… If you already haven’t , go get bloods ASAP… No need to go through what I am… It’s normal for some time after cycle to have lower libido… My blood work is spot on and I still have issues… If yours isn’t you can fix it. Post your bloodwork and your cycle+pct… There are lot of people in here who can help you…

My problem is a bit confusing. I have very low drive for sex, but I can get an erection and function, I just have 0 drive to do so, and I also don’t get erections from seeing women or anything like I used to. I’m giving myself a chance to recover as well as giving it time.

Bro time is good and it will help but go get blood work… And it’s not so confusing… It’s a typical low t or high e2 symptom… I have the opposite, normal libido… But can’t get to 100% erection. .Dont rely on time only to recover… And don’t try to figure it out just by symptoms… Been there done that… Someone might tell you your e2 is high and you start taking ai’s without needing them… Its a very complicated system… What was your cycle and pct?