Libido Still Off 6 Months After PCT, Blood Count Inc

Thank you… Will do that

Great news used cialis at 5mg for few days and i tapered it off…libido is back feeling great…thanks for all your help guys

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How did you get on in the end? Libido back up to normal? Was it just pyscological? I’m going through the same problem and need help

@smf25 yup libido is back to normal…used cialis for about 2 weeks e3d lowering dose and tapering off… And gave time for the body to recover…i think it was pyscological as it was a beginner’s cycle…just don’t think of it too much

@br3akdown hoping to hear from you on this site again. I’m very interested in your situation as I am almost exactly in the same predicament from about the same amount of steroid usage.

Could really use a ray of hope that things got better for you!

You are right. I should put a conclusion under this thread. First of all my biggest thank goes to @ztanzanite in this forum. I can never pay back the hope and advice that you gave me. Thanks to all others that supported me in this thread.

The reason why it took me so long to post a solution is that I haven’t really found one yet. To be frank my libido has never been like it was before tren. But it’s better now. I don’t want to entirly blame it on tren, since I believe other factors like aging also play a role.

Anyway here is my advice on how you can repair it in long term. It’s simple but I know most of you won’t like it:

  • Completely stop using steroids and any other medication.
  • Don’t try to fix it by using more steroids. It’s all about bringing your hormones back into balance.
  • Give the body time to heal. Believe it or not the body is very good at healing itself.
  • Relax and get your sleep right. The body heals during sleep.
  • Avoid stress. It has a significant impact on your hormones.
  • Get lean. Tren derivates might be able to store in your body fat for years.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Sort out any psychological cause. Pressure to perform in bed is the worst.
  • Of all the meds I tried only HCG and testosterone had positive effects temporarily.
  • Cialis doesn’t help anything in terms of libido, but in case you might get horny it can support your session in terms of confidence.
  • Try having sex. I know it’s said more easily than done. But my experience is, it can ignite the spark and get things back to normal.

I think that’s about it for now. I hope it doesn’t sound too weird and will help you guys out. We are all in this sport together with its ups and downs. Please share your expierences as well.


THANK YOU so much for replying!!

This is unbelievably inspiring and coming back to the forums years after getting better to share how you did it will help so many people out!

I think you’re right, steroids and any pct medications will not help to improve our condition. It’s time I follow that advice and truly give it a full year of just allowing my body to be natural. I panic so often and go into a frenzy of trying anything to fix the issue and in the end, I have not had any real improvement. I spent the last year trying to recover, but mistakenly I went on trt twice now, and used a lot of pct drugs. Not to mention viagra/cialis/levitra. I think I’ve built such a tolerance to those drugs that they don’t even work any more. Probably contributing to my desperation because at some points I literally have no way of having sex!

My situation is so similar to yours. Down to the compounds you used and the way you used them. The fact that I pretty much recovered and felt good other than my sexual problems. To hear that you’re better now and you’re able to lead a normal life is a huge ray of hope for me. My goal isn’t to have soaring sex drive and be like I was pre steroids (I’m 26 btw). I just want to be able to lead a normal sex life. To pursue a relationship and not have to worry about having sex. As long as I get function on my dick again, I’ll be happy.

One last question, how long did it take between the time you stopped using all drugs until you started to feel improvement? Once you started to feel improvement, how long did it take you, for you to feel like you’re finally back?

Thanks again!

Wow it’s been a long time since I logged in hahah have been email notified about this thread. Thought I’d chime in with some thoughts…

If you’re looking to clear anything out of your system, steroids or not, I’d recommend the following
-fasting, either Intermittent or full day(s) with lots of water to flush
-drinking food grade activated charcoal for chemical adsorption
-drinking diatomaceous earth, again for removal of chemical residues especially in the digestive tract
-breathing and meditation
-good regular sleep

The last one might seem strange, but deep full breathing is excellent for detox. Inhaling nourishing oxygen, exhaling toxins. Meditation also to calm the mind. Sometimes sex related problems are mental and can be caused by stress.

I would avoid “test boosters” even tribulus for the moment and focus on just general nutrition. Supplement or consume foods rich in zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, b vitamins. Maybe take a break from caffeine and other stimulants for awhile too. Allow all the bodies systems to come back into balance.

If it’s legal where you live, maybe try some cannabis too. It boosts my sex drive %1000 I swear.

Hope this all helps. I too messed with deca and test a few years back in my early 20’s. Didn’t experience any major problems, but do the above protocol anyway to detox hormones plus all the other shit I’ve ingested or occasionally socially ingest

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It is hard to tell. At the beginning I was simply unable to get thoughts to my mind that would make me horny. So no matter how sexy she looked or how big her boobs were. I just felt nothing. I was looking at her the same way as I would look at a nice sports car. I don’t know if it makes sense to you. Somehow the connection in my brain felt blocked. Also I was not always able to test my sexual performance over the whole time. You can imagine or maybe even experienced it by yourself that a relationship without sex at our age will not last long. And then starting a new relationship with that uncertainty and the pressure to perform is even harder. Girls can take this issue very personal.
Since my issue I only had some short term relationships. There were periods when it worked very well and periods when it didn’t work at all. I am still getting set backs and trying to figure out to get them under control.
I agree with what @TheTaskmaster said. It is additional valuable advice that goes in the same direction.

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Yes everything you say makes perfect sense to me. I can relate to it from my personal experience. I’m convinced that I need to stay disciplined and things will get better.

I’m in the same boat a year after tren. Only took it for 2 weeks!!! Sucks assssss

Anyone from this thread still active?

Any improvements?

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Doing nothing is fine if nothing else is working, but pct clomid has helped me reset repeatedly, so I still think it’s worth a shot. Clomid temporarily kills my libido but next time I do it, I plan to monitor e more often to see if that’s part of the cause. I also do some tadalifil (cialis generic) while on clomid. For the psychological part, porn can help explore what will get the equipment going, and if something does, it can take away the illogical fear that you’ll never be sexual again. Some of the sexual psychology feels very momentum dependent to me.

I am in the same boat too…Last cycle was 7 months ago…test only 500mg/per week…i did a very long pct with clomid nolva aromasin for more than 2 months…i had bloodwork about a month ago and it showed super high LH 22.5 (normal values 1.7 - 8.6) good testosterone 752…e2 around 30pg/ml so according to bloodwork i recovered…problem is i have erectile dysfunction ever since i started pct…i used ovitrel once in the week after my last jab before starting pct and it helped but only for a liitle while…how can all bloods be normal and still having ed…and how come ovitrell (hcg) help so much while clomid only helps with the bloodwork??

Your Lh is definitely abnormal

So your last pct pill was 3 months before blood test?

No. bloodwork was two weeks after last dose of clomid (i stopped and restarted it all this time hoping to kickstart). I know the serms where still in my system but even with them that lh is very high still…I did the bloodwork so soon to see if i was responding to the pct meds because testosterone is testosterone even if it comes from clomid so i cant understand why i still have ed with a level of 750, and everything else in the normal range…About the high lh i read somewhere that its a sign that testicles arent responding well…But in that case shouldnt my test levels be lower??

You have no current bloodwork?

The last bloodwork was done on april 2 and it was 2 to 3 weeks after last dose of clomid.
FSH : 7.57 mIU/ml 1.5 - 12.4
LH : 22.75 mIU/ml 1.7 - 8.6
Ε2 37.82 pg/ml 27,1 - 60,7 pg/ml
Total T : 7.52 ng/ml 2,49 - 8,36
SHBG: 44.6 nmol/l 16,5 –55,9

I took low dose aromasin to drop the estrogen a little with no effect on ed.
I plan to have another bloodwork in 3 weeks to see if there is any difference
Any suggestions on what to do next?

Ed and low libido still?

Yes unfortunately (not so much low libido. but weak erections for sure) Also hcg instantly cures the ed issue for a while but clomid only fixes the bloodwork…any thoughts??