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Libido Problems

i’ve been on gear for 10 weeks now and starting this saturday I can’t get an errection anymore. saturday morning i took 600mg deca in my left glute as soon as i put the needle in i felt like a cramp in my middle back. i took 500 mg test in my left shoulder and 150mg tren in my right shoulder and i couldn’t get an errection that night and still not yet. last night i shot up 750mg test in my right glute, no back pain.
any advice???

Ever hear of deca dick? Sounds like you have it. The back pain is not related to the lack of erections. You might have hit your sciatik (sp?) nerve in your glutes. All the better reason to inject into your quads and shoulders.

if i remember right…you were running 600 deca/week and 150 tren EOD, with only 500 mg test/week…if i also remember right, you were warned about the possible sexual sides you might experience.

your shopping list:

at 10 weeks i can’t imagine you’ve planned to be on much longer than you already have been. why not just stop the deca and tren. keep up the test for maybe 2 more weeks, then start your PCT 2-3 weeks after that.

i’m taking 500mg test twice a week 150 mg tren EOD 600mg deca a week
40mg nolva a day

[quote]Little Marcus wrote:
i’m taking 500mg test twice a week 150 mg tren EOD 600mg deca a week
40mg nolva a day

why 40 mg nolva ED? are you experiencing gyno issues? if you are, are you sure its not prolactin induced? cause nolva won’t do shit for that.

so, you’re on 1 g of test, 600 mg deca, and 525 mg tren per week. general rule of thumb is to keep your test dosage even with, or better yet, higher than deca/tren in order to avoid the problems you are experiencing.

hey bro…If you dont want to get shut down, run your test atleast 100mg over your other compounds, especially with things that will shut you down HARD like tren and deca. Seems like you are almost done with your cycle, but next time i would highly recommend you up your test over those compounds next time around.

Deca is the worst thing you can possibly do to your sexual function, and often recovery takes awhile. Talk to any knowledgable endo about this deca is about the worst thing you can do to your sex life.