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Libido Problems 2 Years After Cycle

I did a cycle 2 years ago consisting of Tren ace, test prop and t3. This was the worst decision I have made, however I cannot change the past and I just want to fix my problem. I have libido problems.

I did some blood work in March 2013 and here are the results.
Free Test : 62.6 pmol/L

March 13, 2013 results
RTH: 2.07 uIU/mL
AND: 2.75 ng/mL
TES: 569 ng/dl

March 18, 2013 results
PRG: 0.801 nmoI/L
LH: 4.14 mIU/mL
FSH: 7.18 mIU/mL
E2: 105 pmoI/L

March 5 2013 results
LH: 3.46 mIU/L
FSH: 3.61 mIU/L
PRL: <10.6 mIU/L
E2: <73.4 pmoI/L

If anyone can help me there would be no way of expressing how grateful I would be.

All the best and thank you.

Can you put up the ranges

Also how old are you, and your age when you did your cycle

Stuff like this scares the Hell out of me. Worst case scenario if something like this were to happen to me could I restore my libido if I went on TRT or am I limp dicked for life?