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Libido Problems 2 Months After PCT


i am 20 years old and decided to try out winstrol tabs only, to give me an edge at submission grappling, also to help me lean out a little bit. i've been training in martial arts (started with judo) since i was like 4 and been lifting since i was 15, so i thought i would be experienced enough to mess with the stuff.i tried it for 6 weeks, starting at 40 mg's and eventually tapering off to 10 mg a day then going on an OTC test booster/anti e for PCT ( stupid mistake) its been over 2 months and my libido is NOT back to normal.

no where near back to normal. i called my connect and i have clomid and arimidex now on hand, can anyone give me dosage and tell me if this would work even after 2 months? or should i just wait longer? would it eventually sort it out on its own? would greatly appreciate any help.


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I would pf never guessed this would happen! Thanks for your advice. Starting the clomid tomorrow


started the clomid today, 1st day i did 100 mg to start it off. also did an adex tab to hopefully kick start things. will not do anymore adex thoug. will do 50 mg of clomid a day. already feeling better, maybe its the placebo effect though lol. once again thanks.


adex has a known negative effect on SERM's...I would advise to not use the adex during this period...they also have completely different mechanisms of action, so I'm not sure what you actually thought you were "kickstarting"


alright cool. yeah i am sort of new to this. thanks for sorting this out for me guys. appreciate it. il just leave the adex for future use if i ever decide to use it for future use lol. might just stick to clen and eca for competition weight cuts and leave the hormone stuff alone. lol