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Libido, Orgasms and Chipmunks...


Okay... let's open up this can-'o-worms again.... or maybe just "worm"....

As we all know by now I am plagued by lack of libido... no big secret around these parts... or "that" part...

T-Cyp or T-E 300mg e3d
Primo 300mg e3d
(Always on... don't just cycle)

Current Supps.

R-ALA 100mg ed am
Co Q-10 300mg ed am
(by the way...thanks Bushy... you were so right...this combo changed my life... little to no belly fat left after the first 6-8 weeks...)

I do take some Vicodin as needed for significant knee pain... but only 1/2 a tab in the am... if at all.

I have been running some a'dex e2d... just a tad... .25 maybe... I keep thinking it's the a'dex so I will go off and back on it.. but no diff.

Here's the kicker.... I can't orgasm... like straight up (well sorta) whiskey dick.... or deca dick i think you deca guys call it...

I use viagra... script and some cialis (homebrewed by a friend) to get a better erection (still kind of sucks)... but the orgasm part totally is life changing...

I remember once upon a time taking an anti-depressant years ago that did the same thing... any ideas?

I mean if I take matters into my own hands... after an extended period... I can orgasm... but never with oral or intercourse...

This sucks...

Thanks guys,



I don't know much about you bro, but I feel your pain. I don't care how many guys here say what ever about their libido. I know what its like to be on something and have your girl go wtf is wrong or you know something is not right(paxil for me). Every guy has been there or will be there.

Personally what happen to me was self fulfilling prophecy kinda thinking. You stress about it then it happens. I just say fuck it take some time to yourself. No real pressure. Enjoy what you can do. Then it will come back. If you can get off yourself. You need time for yourself before you can have fun with anyone else.

And if all else fails get her to watch. You would be surprised how many women love to watch a man get off by himself.

Hope this helps


Ok like i have said before im no pro on juice info I knwo some what about it but not from a personel veiw.

But as for ordy's and erection's i maybe able to help, I read a study that was on AAKG and taking 3g a day for 6 weeks made a 60% diff in erection ways, as for you being able to orgy through oral or actual sex, I ued to have this problem and it was due to nervs even with my girlfend and other girlfriend's I have had it came down to that, I used to think to much about it.

I got around the prob though by just clearing my mind of me thinking about it to much and focusing more on her and what she was doing and that. sounds stupid but give it a go. if that fails try one of those gel's ou get to rub on your weener to make it more sensative.



I hate to seem rude, I really don't mean it to sound this way, but.. why in the hell are you asking us low-lives for advice on something so socially vital and important to a man's life as that? Even if the most knowledgeable user chipped in, you'd still get a half-assed mediocre opinion at best.

You, my friend, need to seek medical help. Otherwise all you're going to hear here is to flush out your problems with X, inject Y, and drink Z.

Nobody here knows everything. Except Bushy and P#22.

But one is English, and the other Canadian. They're allowed to live a lie. :wink:


Buahahahaha, best reagen quote EVER. English speaking countries got to stick together, coalition of the English or some thing like that...


One of the two of the "knows everything" guys is a good friend and the other a good acquaintance... and I have gotten wondrous advice from both... even to a degree on "this" topic...

All of these issues have been associated with the timing of my starting to run gear 8 months ago.... so... it's here that I air my issues that I relate to gear and my reaction to it... thank you.

I don't know you... but you did see the thread title and took the time to read it... so, I am wondering why you are curious as to why I would post it... maybe you should be curious as to why you read it?

Thank you for the advice as to seeing a doc... I do... and get pretty much nowhere... viagra, cialis, TRT... but no real engaging medicine... just a script pad type urologist... and I have seen 3 over the last 4 years... all of which ended the same... T levels, TRT and Viagra...

So I bring it here... where guys... like me... who run gear... sometimes the same as I am running... and sometimes not... may have had similar experiences.... there is a world of knowledge in real life experience... much more than you can sometimes find in the confines of american medicine.

Peace my friend... I know your post wasn't with malice... Hope you don't find my quip back offensive either...

now... got any ideas about why i might be having a hard time achieving orgasm?



Tell you what, I have a couple MDs in the family.. I'm going to bum them for advice on this and get back to you.


Maybe being always on and not cycling? IDK. I get spikes in my libido both on and off, Infact i dont go back on until my nat test libido gets me goin nuts. then i know things are working.


Thanks brother... I can use the help :stuck_out_tongue:



I wonder the same... being always on... I am thinking about adding Nolva at the advice of a quasi medicine man... but waiting until I get enough information...

Thanks for your thoughts...



A friend recommended HCG perhaps... wondering if anyone could PM me with a good clean source in the US?