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Libido on Post Cycle?

Hi, does anyone get libido problems after a cycle/during pct?

I’m 28. Test e 500mg and tren e 500mg, split in 2 injections a week, 12 week cycle for test and 10 week for tren.

Going to go with nolvadex 40/40/20/20, I’ll be starting this in 9 days. Kinda scared if libido will die off and my gf will get pissed at me. During the last 8 weeks we’ve been fucking like rabbits.

It will probably drop off. I didn’t say die, but it will not be the same.

Mine was pretty non existent. Altho when I saw that ass go switching by I was always ready I just wasn’t pursuing it as much which was probably a nice break for her.


nolva doesn’t do shit to get your thru the roof E2 down it just keeps you from getting bitchtits.
Until your E2 returns to normal expect low libido and a soft dick. It’s the price we pay to blast.