Libido Observation while on TRT

I noticed something recently and am curious if this is a normal occurrence.

First off, I’m only in 100mg testosterone Cypoinate once a week. Yet I have benefited positively from it as far as helping my ed issue and very low libido. Still have a lot more room to improve and working on getting my weekly dose increased.

What I noticed recently: normally within maybe 2-3 days of the injection I experience a uptick in drive and stronger erections, improved sensitivity as well as the wet dreams (which I assume is normal for an adult male to have while on trt?).

Every so often…there will be a week or two that I do not experience that continued rise in libido, improved sensitivity, etc. so this past week that I injected (Wednesdays) I noticed that Friday and Saturday I wasn’t feeling those benefits so I decided to experiment as I’ve done in the past with taking a quarter of a 1mg anastrozole. I took it at approx 5pm on Saturday night and when I woke up today I felt increased sensitivity and my drive was up significantly.

With that in mind, my question is simple. Does estradiol occasionally (not consistently) spike higher than usual during trt and at that higher level produce undesirable sexual side effects? Seems like a legitimate question based upon what I noticed very soon after taking the small dose of anastrozole.

If I make zero sense here, tell me that too. I’m still learning here and I tend to notice changes in how I feel very quickly as I assume most do here too.

Lifestyle factors (mainly sugar and alcohol consumption), can affect the amount of aromatase. Levels of zinc also can affect it.

Add in all those factors and in my personal experience- yes you can get spikes in e2 which aren’t always consistent.