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Libido Loss Still Around


9 months post cycle....
All hormons have recovered well... ( finally..!)
I am still having a very low libido and a bit of depression.
Was using:
550 test e
450 deca
20 week cycle ( I know, was mis giuded)
Levels are back but libido is not yet...... Got my test levels back at month 7, now im at 8 1/2 months...... should my libido come soon?
I read this is common for some guys, and then I read others say WHAT THE HECK?
I have consulted with Scally, and it appears that this phenomonom of hormones recovering and sex drive not is common and there is no know answer why.

My question is:
Has anyone experienced complete loss of sex drive from deca and had to wait for it to return and what did the time frame look like?
VERY SPECIFICALLY, I am asking about "AFTER" your test levels recovered...?
NOT time frame from ending a cycle without dysfunction and getting natural levels back....

Brook, if you read this, you have written on this scenario before.... However,you did not explain the wait out or any experience....What have guys done ... wait it out?
I have consulted with Scally and searched this issue out in a few places....Itseems as ifeveryone speaks about it and then never completes or updates thier post.. Seems as if they eventually get better by waiting, then just never post the updates..... Not sure?
Any input in detail would be awesome guys..... Thanks ...


If anyone can get this to Brook.... he knows about this as he has written on it before.....
please give this to him if you are able to.... I seem not to be able to yet...




Post your after-cycle lab results. How was your prolactin?


Prolactin now at 1 (2-15.2)
Test 550
E2 15
Lh 6
Fsh 6
Progest 1.0
All has been like this for 2 months now....
Libido should return at any point. I've read so many posts about guys having this same issue after a deca crash....
My question is..... I've been waiting it out.. How long has others taken to get libido back after test levels have returned?


Your prolactin is too low now, which is not good either. Have you been taking something for prolactin?


Have stopped now..... Was on caber .25 every 3 1/2 days for 3 weeks and B6.
Stopped month ago....... Erection quality is better but libido is dead still...


Libido is the same as when my prolactin was at 16...


In addition to the above loss of sex drive.... Almost everyday around 4:00 pm I get extremely fatigued...... Then somedays NOTHING feel great...
Can deca cause adrenal issues and or adrenal malfunction?




Come on guys give me a break....... No one here has had this trouble with deca...?
Asking for help here....


HCG has worked for me.I had the same issue and started HCG 2iu ed 5 days now.System is coming back and I seem to be getting stronger and harder every day.


Listen man, you bump threads when days pass and nobody answers. It seems to me that you only posted this yesterday. Patience bro...


Ok Mina...... Thanks
Doc... Did you run the hcg this far out...?
My test levels are good as is lh and fsh...
Doc.... how far post cycle were you when you decided to run the hcg..?


Was it worth it?


As a matter of fact it is so far....
Temporary set back for 30 clean pounds of mass.....
Perhaps your sour about something..? Shrinkage?


I ordered it but didn't get until weeks after I ended a Cyp /Tren cycle.My system was down and I was not feeling or performing well at all.I started Primo/Cyp and two weeks in to this I started 2 units HCG a day for a week and just cut back to 1 /day.My system is noticeably getting back and it seems to be helping the Cyp and Primo work better.I'm thinking I should stay on 1 unit /day throughout the cycle.I'm going 10 more weeks and am hoping to lean out and get harder.So far so good. I'm getting blood work next week. I don't know anything about these forums so whoever got irritated with my postings,My apologies.
Good Day


Please, anyone who lost sex drive from deca during pct for an extended period of time..... Please respond.....


Take NPP next time


What is NPP?