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Libido Issues with TRT

I’ve been on TRT for 1-year and I feel like I have everything dialed in except for libido. Before I started TRT my libido was fine, no problems. I’ve tried a few different dosages and have tried everyday injections and every other day injections. I feel the best on my current protocol of every 3.5 days. I just need to figure out how to get my libido back. Please help.

Current protocol:
Test Enanthate 100mg every 3.5 days

Most recent labs:
Total Testosterone: 1185 ng/dl
SHBG: 32.24
E2: 49 pg/mL
Free T: 31 ng/dL
Bio T: 711 ng/dL

What were your levels prior to TRT?

How long have you been on this current protocol?

Imo yor free t its low. Try bump to 125mg and see in 3 weeks if you have improvement .

His free T is above normal range… by a good bit.

Big problem its that “normal range” . Before trt I was exactly at 31 ng/dl free T and feeling like crap most of time.

I am in this same situation, and recently moved to daily injections which gave me morning wood back but libido is still lacking (at-best), despite all bloodwork numbers at top end of the range and lots of muscle and solid energy (feel fantastic except zero libido). Been using Mucuna Pruriens and Cialis to bridge the gap over the last year but very frustrating otherwise. I’m using 100-120mg per week of test only (pinning daily), so will see if that starts to help libido (many claim it does?).

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If you feel that TRT is fairly well dialed in and you feel good except for libido. Don’t start messing with your T dose because that will take months to sort itself out. I would recommend trying sublingual preg/DHEA at 5-10mg each and supplement with carnitine 2-3g twice a day.


Daily injections is a double edge sword, those smaller injections could mens less conversion to T->DHT which is needed for libido. I also wonder if you gave the daily injections enough of a chance, a lot of men don’t give themselves enough time to reach homeostasis.

This might be your libido problem, your E2 pre-TRT was 16 pg/mL and libido was fine and now E2 is three times this value. I think the problem you are having is you aren’t able to have the correct T/E2 ratios on TRT like you did when natural. You might do better on the T scrotal cream.


Total testosterone prior to TRT was 346.

Your numbers look good. I would suggest the issue is from hormone swings.
I would suggest you start daily injections and give it 6-7 weeks to work.
I would bet 500 dollars this will improve your issues.

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I’ve been dosing a about 25mg preg in the morning. I swear it’s helping my libido.

That and my gf just got fake tits.


For the T>DHT conversion and dosing frequency, do you have a source? Not doubting you, just curious to learn more about this and if I’d benefit from EOD.

Pregnenolone seemed to help me for a while until it stopped working. Or I’d take a little too much and feel cracked out.

Now we know the truth

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If you think about how it works for aromatization, DHT conversion works the same. Here’s an example, a obese guy who needs to inject very frequently to control the E2 impact may have an problem making enough DHT because the shots are very small which is done to lessen aromatization, it might have the same impact on DHT.

I have seen these examples before and these men need a little T cream added to their injection protocol to increase DHT.

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I literally spit water out of my mouth and choked in the middle of the gym reading that lol. Totally didn’t expect to read that

@roscoe88 dude why the fuck don’t you go back to 60mg e3d and just chill.

Wasn’t your libido doing well there?

That’s pretty much where I’m at now.

I really never have much libido at all. Nothing has really worked unfortunately.

How long have you been on one single protocol

Maybe you should just ride out the protocol that gave you the best benefits and let the months go by.

In the meantime, you can check for other reasons besides testosterone.

But give yourself a stable base indefinitely.